126. If Juveniles Deliberately Injure Others at School, Which Cause Other People’s Death or Suicide, They Should Be Executed.

28 December 2017

Today, I read the news telling that Chinese government issues document dealing with the bullies in school, and the response is to send them to the reformatory school. In my perspective, for the ones with minor circumstances, they can be educated in the reformatory school. But for the ones with wicked circumstances who have caused other people’s death or suicide, they should be executed.

The current Chinese law give juveniles and mental patients who have committed crimes with light sentences or exemption for the punishment. If juveniles and mental patients commit serious crimes, except for endangering the whole society, they are also people who are useless to the society compared with other people, thus they should receive harsher punishment.

For the juveniles who have committed serious crimes, they are just like the subquality products, which should be returned to the factory for reproduction. After executed, their living space should be left to the physically and mentally healthy people. Being lenient to the juveniles and mental patients is the evil law made by devils. Specially to protect the devils, generate devils in rebellion of the God and undermine fairness and justice. The best education approach for the juveniles is to execute one as a warning to others. The best teaching material is to use some people’s death and blood to teach the next generation how to be an educated person, and whether to be a good man or a bad man. This is the effect of examples.

If there is a typical and educational case, the criminal should be executed at the school gate. Life for life is the doctrine of God. For the ones who deliberately injure others or bully others causing other people’s death and suicide, they should be executed life for life, which is the will of God.

The mental health of juveniles is not fully developed, they are easy to be impulsive when encountering difficulties in life and commit suicide. Therefore, the juvenile bullies should think clearly. For the ones who bully others causing other people’s death and suicide, they should be executed life for life. This is the best protection for the juveniles.