125.Crime of Disobedience

9 December 2017

In ancient China, the crime of disobedience was the crime of seriously infringing upon the rights and interests of parents and causing serious harm to parents. If found guilty, the one shall be beheaded and executed immediately. I said before that “filial piety” has the functions of old-age insurance and compulsory education, which can make the population increase and parents have the will to have more children in the age of filial piety. Because you don’t know which child you gave birth to may become a helpful figure in the future, a president, a prime minister, or a rich person, and bring prosperity to the family. Those who have committed the crime of disobedience are not filial to their parents, instead, they do serious harm to their parents.

In China and today’s world, this kind of behavior is considered as a common crime of injury or fighting. In China, I have seen a news report that a rebellious son often raped his mother in addition to beating his parents. His father was so unbearable that he killed the rebellious son. However, the court found his father guilty of intentional homicide. This case shows that the current legal system is not doing justice but making accomplices to the devil.

The court made the above judgment according to the existing law. The framers of the existing law were largely influenced by the western human rights culture.

They also want to play with human rights and claim to be a human rights democracy. It should also be in line with the West.

Western countries place too much emphasis on individual rights and interests and completely ignore social management and social order. They are already tasting the consequences. All western countries and democratic Russia have suffered severe population decline.

Chinese tourists traveling to Japan met an eighty-year-old man driving a taxi because they did not have enough pension. They can’t retire. At the age of eighty, they still need to work to support their family.

Europe has a shortage of population, an aging population and a large shortage of young people. To solve the problem of pension for the elderly, Europe actually introduced Muslims to pay for their pension on the grounds of accepting refugees. This has caused serious dissatisfaction among the local whites and has seriously infringed upon the interests of the local whites.

The problem of European whites giving birth to their own children cannot be solved, and they introduce demons to support them, which is evil in itself. This clearly shows that western culture has serious problems. The solution to this problem is filial piety and disobedience.

Both Europe and China must promote “filial piety” and setup crime of “disobedience.”

Giving all parents a guarantee and a power, a contract will surely make them confident and bold to have children.

If you can’t bear your children any longer, you can tell God to take them away.
What we need to do is to make laws to send those who have committed serious disobedience to God, letting them negotiate with God in person and letting God decide whether they should be left in heaven or sent to hell.

Of course, the death penalty should be carried out in a civilized manner, so that they can choose a way to see God at a specified time and place. Everyone needs to have a bottom line in their behavior, including their attitude toward their parents. Of course, we advocate filial piety, which is not mandatory and absolute. You may not like your parents, or you may stay away from them but you can’t seriously hurt them and seriously infringe on their interests. This is the bottom line as a human being. Otherwise, you need to go to God to make your words clear. This is called warning to others. After killing a few typical ones and a few leaders, the folkway will naturally be right, hence the problem of population reduction is solved naturally.