123. HIV-infected Patients Who Deliberately Contact with and Infect Others Should Be Executed

9 November 2017

There takes place a fantastic event in China recently. A man knows that his wife is an HIV-infected patient after getting married and having children. In addition, in the premarital medical examination, the hospital does not inform him about the disease of his wife. When the party involved files the hospital to the court and asks for compensation, the court refutes his lawsuit on the pretext of protecting HIV-infected patients. This is another case about the collusion between the government and the demon to do harm to the ordinary people. This event should be viewed from two aspects.

1.Judicial injustice of the court

Obviously, premarital physical examination institution fails to detect the severe venereal disease of the object. This should be attributable to work fault or malicious shielding. The institution should assume responsibility for this. It is a totally reasonable minimum requirement for the party involved to ask for compensation from the premarital physical examination institution. However, the court’s sentence for the non-fault of the premarital physical examination institution actually belongs to malicious shielding and malpractice and impairs the fundamental interests of the public.

2. Defects in the legal protection for HIV-infected patients in China

HIV is a kind of infectious disease. Although HIV is not infected via spray and air like flu, it also belongs to a malicious epidemic with extremely high death rate. The Chinese government does not control malicious epidemic but approves its free diffusion. This proves the severe defects of law and lawmakers.

In order to defend their own great, glorious, and righteous image, lawmakers take all means to misuse their power rather than to defend the rights and interests of the ordinary people and defend justice and fairness. This is the most serious problem.

Few years ago, some HIV-infected patients once stored their blood in the needle tubing and randomly plunged into passengers on the street. However, it is impossible to verify whether it is a rumor or fact. I believe that even this is a fact, it would be still concealed by someone as a rumor.

However, in this case, the HIV-infected patient deliberately conceals her illness and even gets married to bear children with the victim. The victim is not being informed of the fact until there is no retreat.

In addition, the government maliciously indulges HIV-infected patients with their random diffusion of disease and maliciously helps such patients conceal the fact from the victim. That’s the way it is.

In my opinion, the correct practice is to (i) isolate HIV-infected patients from ordinary people, (ii) demand HIV-infected patients to wear obvious marks clear to others if they live together with ordinary people, (iii) instantly execute HIV-infected patients or other patients with malicious epidemic who deliberately contact with and infect others.

As the old saying goes in China, “Do as you would be done by.”

I suggest supporting all lawmakers in favor of HIV-infected patients to live with HIV-infected patients and have sexual relation with them for several times before their vote. This is the most reasonable solution. It is nonsense for those lawmakers who eat special supply food and have security guard to enact such law when they simply shake hands with HIV-infected patients.

As commented by some netizens, many black people who steal into Guangzhou are HIV-infected patients. It is well-known that Africa is the high incidence area of HIV. Black people who infect Chinese people via sexual relation must be instantly executed too. Moreover, all black people in China should receive the compulsory physical examination, or otherwise, illegal immigrants should be repatriated.