122. It Is a Ridiculous Thing to Punish Someone That Stop Another One Smoking in the Elevator

9 November 2017

Recently, a sentence arouses heated discussion on the network. An old man smokes in the elevator and another passenger tries to prohibit such action. During their quarrel, the old man dies of sudden heart attack. Family members of the deceased gather together to beat up the passenger and lodge a lawsuit against the passenger for claim. The court judges the passenger to pay fifteen thousand RMB to the family members of the smoker. This is a typical case in China. Old people often blackmail others. Once old people fall down to the ground, family members would solicit huge compensation from another party involved in the conflict.

Many old people who fall down the ground by themselves would in turn incriminate other rescuers or passengers as the wrecker and accordingly solicit compensation from them. However, the court supports the request of old people and their family members in most cases and the so-called wrecker, needs to pay the expensive medical fee.

a) In above case, the passenger who prohibits the smoking action of the old man is the innocent party who should be encouraged. While the old man who dies of sudden heart attack actually dies of natural death causes and the old man himself is the guilty party. The passenger should not assume any responsibility.

Moreover, the government shall take it as a typical case and award the passenger five hundred RMB.

b) Family members of the deceased who gather together to beat up the passenger shall pay medical fee and cost of lost labor according to the state of injury.

c) Family members of the deceased who gather together to beat up the passenger shall be detained for fifteen days.