121. Game Industry Should Be Limited in Development

1 October 2017

We have already discussed many topics about war and death but the Middle East War is about to come to an end, so from my perspective, we shall discuss the problems of game. Originally, I am a senior game player. My skills in games are not rated as “supreme,” but at least above middle level. The game industry in China which has started from scratch is a hot industry now; I have witnessed its growth. The harms brought by games are less serious than that of gambling, drugs, gangland, terrorism, cults, and demons.

If we solve the problems of “gambling, drugs, gangland, terrorism, cults, and demons,” we are supposed to turn to games.

The sentence in Chinese textbook of middle school “it takes a teacher to transmit wisdom, impart knowledge, and resolve doubts.” Means that people are required to explore the truth and learn the great truth in this regard.

I think all the countries in the world are facing serious problems, since people all over the world are giving up pursuing “the great truth.”

What people have learned in schools is just the production skills used in laboring process, while not “the great truth.”

So what is the great truth? All that God has imparted to human beings is “the great truth” including: Tao Te Ching, the Buddhist Scriptures, Bible, the Koran, Huang di’s Canon of Medicine, Science of Chinese Materia Medica, Yin-yang Philosophy, capitalism, communism, and so on. These are all included in the great truth. However, if they are not understood and integrated by people, the world will be in severe conflicts.

Since the great truth is imparted by God for human beings to use as tools, they will definitely solve one aspect of problem existing in human society. Only all the tools are used flexibly and all the problems be solved finally. That is the conflict and truth in the world. People are more willing to spend all the money on enhancing their ability of earning money and vying with each other in this way while no one actually learns the great truth imparted by God.

The parliament members of Hong Kong who have insulted China, as well as those leaders in student movement are obviously the student representatives who are ignorant and benighted. They never know what is called “the great truth.”

We may wonder why they are ignorant and benighted because they, as the young generation, are intoxicated by games.

Beside learning the skills to survive, they always spend their spare time playing games, what is worse, there is no time for them to learn great truth at all.

In my childhood, I also play “games” every day, such as searching bird’s nests in trees, finding out the “booty” and killing them for feeding chicken, doing some farming work as feeding chicken, sheep, rabbits, and pigs or just playing some games for children, which is so interesting at that time.

Then, I come to the big city, everything in my childhood has gone away. All the activities and sports I take part in cost money, except for running, but I hate it.

From my perspective, it is for someone whose energy is excessive, so they would choose such activity to run out of it, otherwise they would get sick in spare time. Playing computer games is the best tool for people in the city to kill the time.

In rural areas, playing games can exercise our body, enhance our physical quality, flexibility, strengths, and body coordination. When playing with peers, children may enhance their social, organizational, communicating skills, and so on.

Computer games can never provide all the above functions. Except for no any benefits, they bring some negative reactions to the body, at least, there are people who have died in front of computers of Internet bar. Computer games are something like drugs which will control the thoughts of men for a long time.

Before being bored to games, they occupy a majority of the thought of people, even all the thought in some situation.

When they do not finish the task in games, people seem to be lost in something they have not completed and keep thinking on how to finish it. The harms of games are known to people all over the world, otherwise the governments will not restrict teenagers and children to enter game room and Internet bar.

Now, game room and Internet bar are outdated; what is popular is mobile game. The game not only brings harm to the teenagers and children but also intoxicates the adults.

In spare time, people are just thinking about how to play games while not the great truth. It is not to say that some ignorant people are selected as the parliament members in Hong Kong, we just need to select some people with great wisdom and knowledge. But all the people are the ignorant ones, include those who insult China.

I have researched on the great truth, then in spare time, I have studied on games. But you are ignorant and keeping studying on the useless thing, which is the fundamental reason for the chaos of the world. No one study on the great truth, the simple and basic principles for running of the world.

I think playing games should be limited to one hour.

When one has played game for one hour, he should be forced to leave and play again after twenty-three hours, in this way, the control and interference of games will be relived and addiction in games is also prevented.

Children in rural areas are always able to find various activities and games, such as farming work and feeding livestock. You may regard it as production activity, but it is actually the entertainment. There are rare entertainment activities for people and children in cities and communities, since there are no sites and facilities for such activities at all.

Currently, there are exercise facilities for old people in communities, but no facilities and sites for adults and children at all.

In commodity economy, every piece of land is valuable, so there are many commercial facilities for adults and children, but you must pay for them according to market value. It seems that the population density is considerable in cities, actually, people and children are isolated to their peers, with no connections at all. It is not reasonable and deformed. I think the facilities in communities should be provided for free compulsorily and the site area should be calculated and determined according to the residential area within the community such as the indoor and outdoor table tennis.

According to the construction area of the community, the free site and facilities should be provided accordingly to residents living in it. They are as necessary as supporting facilities of water supply, power, and coal.

Communication of children and teenagers with their peers, as well as the activities they are engaged in will help to enhance their physical quality, mental health, and the communicating and organizational ability. It is very important. They should be kept away from games and take part in more beneficial activities and exercise.

Another problem is that most of the hot games, provide platforms for players to communicate, so players are free to send information to each other. Because the group game requires cooperation, organized offence, changing strategies, and attacking highlights of different players if they want to win the game, the players with lower level and more failures will be a burden to the whole group and make the game more difficult. It is originally a kind of game tool. However, in practice, it becomes a platform for players to abuse each other. The players who are willing to spend money buying equipment and time studying on how to play are accustomed to insulting those players with less experience by using insulting and intimidating languages.

Moreover, the game operators are not only encouraging such behavior, but also engaged in the insulting those players with lower level of skills in order to encourage more players to buy equipment.

One hot game in China also provides the so-called report platform. The game operator will send information with insulting intention to players, intimidate, and abuse them so as to warn the players with lower level of skills.

Additionally, they also limit the behavior of those players.

In this way, they are trying every possible means to encourage “those players who are willing to spend money buying equipment and time studying on how to play.”

I think the reason why the game can become hot is greatly related to the so-called report system. It is able to encourage players to buy more equipment, spend more money on games, and waste more time while insulting and attacking those players who are not willing to buy equipment and spend time on games.

Such game does no good to players themselves, but brings harm to their body health, decreases moral cultivation, and destroys the social harmony.

Games are based on corrupting the society, destroying social harmony and morality except for those behaviors to make money.