120. The Girl Who Was Dropped from the Building Has Sexual Blackmail Behavior

24 August 2017

The hot news of today is a girl who was thrown down by her boyfriend from 19th floor. The parents of this girl required ten million compensation which ignite the argument of Chinese netizens.

It is normal girls killed due to passion, but this incident highlights a problem in Chinese society—that is sexual blackmail.

In ancient China, the requirement for male and female is forbidding the non-couples to have excessive contact. And Islam require women to cover their face to prevent other men from seeing any part of the woman’s body. All these are for the prevention of sexual blackmail. While the combination of China’s democratic freedom thoughts and ancient traditional culture has produced unique sexual blackmail culture in China.

First, women receive various gifts in relationship, and receive great number of bride price, besides, they all want to charge all the income of the family or they refuse to have sex with their husband. These are all sexual blackmail.

And the man in this case can’t endure the nine-year sexual blackmail (give gifts to the girl in the long-term but receive nothing) and loses his sanity. He dropped the sexual blackmailer from the 19th floor due to the break out of psychosis. This behavior is wrong, but people who suffered from it all can understand. People who suffer from long-term sexual blackmail need resistance, or they will lose their dignity, especially the man’s dignity.

In consequence of the girl’s intended blackmail behavior, I think the male perpetrator needs to sentence to ten years imprisonment, which can serve to warn others against following a bad example.

All the compensation requirements of the girl’s parents are unreasonable; it is a further sexual blackmail behavior, which can be done either by living people or the dead. Both parties should take the case as a warning. This is a punishment for wrongdoers, and for other sexual blackmailers, warning still be needed.