119. Some of China’s Pyramid Selling Organizations Are Evil Organizations, and the Chief Criminal Should Be Beheaded.

5 August 2017

About pyramid selling, Amway should be the earliest pyramid selling that I have ever contacted with since China’s reform and opening up. I once attended their activities several times. They have their own unique products, which are marketed through the way that the upper line extracts profit of the down line.

I have also participated in the pyramid selling activities of some health products, which claimed that their health care products imitate the natural environment of the longevity village and can produce miraculous health care effects.

Of course, their products cannot be explained by western scalpel and microscope, so they cannot be referred to as clinical medicine. Not only their products but also the phenomenon of longevity villages can’t be explained by scalpel or microscope. They can’t be marketed through the propaganda of medical institutions. Hence, they can only be marketed in the form of pyramid schemes.

I didn’t try their products and I am not sure about the effect. I only know that many people claim the magical effects of the products. Of course, I can’t tell if they’re sheer fraud. They only promote their products by means of pyramid selling. No accidents like detention, violence or murder has been heard.

Another type of pyramid scheme in China has been more outrageous. Recent news reported that some university students in Shandong province had been cheated into a pyramid scheme and then they were died of starvation and beatings. Bodies were found in puddles.

The multi-level marketing organizations with Chinese characteristics first introduce the victims to the pyramid selling dens in the name of recruitment, work, parties, and other reasons, and then illegally detain them, brainwash, and publicize heresies. They force the victims to join the MLM with money. Then let the victim deceive other relatives and friends to come to the dens and join them to continue the activities: illegal detention, brainwash, and heresies propaganda. Let the second generation of victims join the pyramid scheme and then the third generation, the fourth generation.

The recently reported victim was brutally murdered and tortured to death because he refused to cooperate with the pyramid organization. This so-called pyramid organization is not a commercial marketing activity, nor is it a marketing organization, but an evil organization, an underworld organization, or a criminal organization.

I have only heard of the violence of the heresy and underworld pyramid organization, but I have never seen it myself because I live in a big city. If there is violence, we can call the police. In a few minutes, police will be there to deal with the situation. How can there be mass violent detention behavior?

They tend to be in remote rural areas with low population quality and poor policing. The place will be convenient for them to carry out their activities.

When dealing with this kind of matters, I think, we should first separate the commercial pyramid selling with the underworld and heresy-like pyramid selling because their properties are different.

The commercial pyramid selling is commercial activities, while the underworld and the heresy-like pyramid selling is in the business form but actually a kind of underworld and heresy-like activity. Therefore, their properties are different. The mushrooms look like the same, but some are home cooking, and some mushrooms are poisonous. People will die immediately after eating them. It is not right to forbid all mushrooms because some are poisonous. It is not right to prohibit all P2P because some P2P are fraud. It only demonstrates that the ruler is simple and rough, with simple mind and well-developed limbs.

I think the boss of the P2P purely in the purpose of fraud should be decapitated immediately. I think that a pyramid selling organizer with the nature of the underworld and heresy should also be decapitated immediately. They are neither pyramid organizations nor business organizations. They are heresy and underworld organizations clothed in pyramid selling.

P2P companies in the purpose of fraud are not P2P companies. They are pure financial fraud companies that wear P2P clothing. Business organizations are built on the voluntary basis. Illegal detentions, threats of violence, beatings, maltreatment, and murders are completely out of the realm of voluntary trade but underworld and heresy-like behaviors in essence and their organizers should be decapitated immediately.

As for P2P financial fraud, cut off the heads of several fraudsters, and other fraudsters will hand over the money they swindle from ordinary people, and such behavior will not happen anymore.

The same is true for the underworld and the heresy nature pyramid selling. If some organizers have been cut off heads, the other group would break up, and that will be the end of such behaviors.