118. Westerners Ought to Help Persecuted Old People in China to Safeguard Rights and Interests

9 July 2017

Some people in the West-like to criticize China and seek the dark side of China to help some democrats, democratic lawyers, and priests-defend rights.

You were running wild before, and now there’s a big chance to behave yourself.

Don’t let the people and the democrats down.

I went to the park and saw a lot of old people organizing the revolution the other day. Their rights have been badly hurt, and even many people have committed suicide. They have no way to safeguard their rights and interests, so they hope that the Western democratic countries give them some help.

According to what they said, the number of victims reached to two hundred million, and the amount of fraud was two hundred trillion, and they are the victims of financial fraud by P2P companies in recent years with most of the elderly. Due to the savings cheated, many victims choose suicide in despair.

Although I am not the staff of the Bureau of Statistics and do not know where these figures come from, I estimate that the data should be very close to truthful data.

According to those people, Chinese government officials colluded with the P2P bosses to cheat their money and then refused to recover the stolen money, even indulge the P2P boss. If someone calls for rights protection, he will be threatened and asked to shut up.

Westerners should send reporters to investigate because of too much of these case, evidence and witnesses are easily collected. They are worried about the lack of attention to them and you’re just in time to help them. They need revolution, and you ought to help them protect their rights.

Trump always said that you make fake news, but this time you don’t need to fake anything because it is genuine sensational news. People are expecting your real news.