117. If financial fraud involves a whole family, all members should all be executed

22 April 2017

Yesterday I went to a party where a couple of customers tearfully complained to me that their money has been conned by P2P boss, and they wanted me to help them figure something out.

There are more than 1,000 customers, and one of them lost 800,000 yuan. Approximately 2 billion was taken.

Although the man behind this has been caught, he is acting dumb, claiming that he knows nothing about it. They only managed to retrieve some cars and salesman’s commission, with a total amount of 50 million.

The boss has been caught, yet he dares to deny everything. It is clear that he is relying on the Western human rights system and is convinced that he can act provocatively without punishment.

It is right to talk about human rights, but ordinary people need money; they want their money back.

You give back our money, and you can talk about any right you want. Anything you say we will believe, you can literally talk about anything.

But without the money, it is all just bullshit and total nonsense. The whole system is plundering the wealth from people with the help of criminals; the system is the accomplice of demon and a part of demon. The whole system is demonic.

Human rights are suitable for the people who speak for humans and do the right thing for humans. This is understandable.

But that the P2P boss defrauded ordinary people’s money is not what humans will do. He is an out-and-out demon. Since the P2P boss is a demon, we should treat him in demons’ language and demons’ way of doing things.

The first thing we need to do is to arrest all the family members of the P2P boss and then take out all the ancient instruments of torture, try them one by one, and let them be tortured. The money will go back by a miracle.

Even a fool knows that the money does not vanish into thin air. It was just transferred by the P2P boss.

As far as I know, some victims of this case, mostly old men and women, have committed suicide.

So the P2P boss has reached the threshold of exterminating every one of the family.

All the money has been transferred by his family, so they are all accomplices. All the family members get the benefit and kill others for money.

Once he gives the money back, the family can be saved from the execution.

Applying tools of torture before the decapitation in order to cut people’s loss is reasonable and lawful. It is called waste utilisation.

As long as the money is back, everybody will be saved.