116. Game regulation shall be required in usury; those going beyond the limit shall be executed

30 March 2017

When we watch the ref film during childhood, the usurious loan is deemed as the unscrupulous approach for the landlords to ride roughshod over the poor. Yang Bailao fails to repay the usurious loan. Hence the landlords ask Yang to pay the debt with her daughter. Yang’s daughter escapes to the remote mountain and gets her hair white. Later on, the Communist Party carried out the revolution, and the landlords are killed. Hence, the white-haired woman wins a new lease of life.

The story of White Hair Woman was the model opera that everybody from our ages is familiar with.

Unfortunately the landlord staged a comeback, whereas times have passed and circumstances have changed. Currently the Communist Party no longer tries to suppress the landlord. These groups are requiring human rights and legal protection from the party.

In today’s news, a male sophomore is required to repay 1 million yuan as he borrowed 40 thousand yuan half a year ago. Hence he is forced to drop out of the school, and all his family are avoiding the creditor.

Another piece of news several days ago is that a woman is required to repay 1.5 million yuan after borrowing 40 thousand yuan. The old couple lose their only daughter and are forced to repay the debt. Unfortunately the company of usury wins the lawsuit.

Why shall the borrower repay 1 million or over 1.5 million yuan after borrowing 40 thousand yuan half a year ago? During this term, plenty of means for fraud and coercion have been adopted. The borrower is induced or coerced to write the receipt for loan. The lender shall firstly remit the money to the victim’s bank account, secondly induce or coerce the victim to counterfeit the money-borrowing evidence through drawing the money from the bank and returning to the lender.

The court shall require the victim to return the huge money amount of 1 million yuan merely in accordance with the evidence acquired by creditor through coercion and fraud. As a matter of fact, the additional 960 thousand yuan does not even exist.

Accordingly the civilian is jointly oppressed by the government and the criminal usurious loan. The usurious loan is perceived as financial fraud, and the government is deemed the accomplice.

In accordance with the current laws of China, for the loan with the rate four times larger than the interest rate of banks, the exceeding part shall not be protected by the government.

If the creditor requires the borrower to repay the interest with the interest rate four times larger than that of banks, the victim, namely the borrower, is able to refuse the repayment. If the usurious loan company adopts the oppression and fraud methods, it shall be recognised as a criminal offence and financial fraud. The public security organisation shall promptly file the case and carry out the investigation.

The government capital is the treasure created by God. The civil servant raised by the government capital shall maintain people’s interests, rather than be the accomplice of the landlord, or requiring the innocent people to repay the borrowed money that doesn’t even exist.

Such usurious loan company shall specially ride roughed over the students without he social experience. They require college girls to take a naked photo to mortgage the usurious loan. Students are praised as the future of our country. They are oppressed by the gangdom before they can graduate. What shall they hold their view on the society and country? Is there anybody to still love our country? Is there anybody to safeguard our country?

In my point of view, the one issuing the usurious loan towards the students with the interest rate surmounting the legal scope and adopting the oppression and coercion, with the loaned money over 100 thousand, shall be executed at the gate of the school.

The usurious loan companies with the interest rate surmount the legally regulated interest rate are basically operated by the criminal syndicate. Such organised crime is notorious for beating, blackmailing, coercing, and even killing people.

Once in China, a man was sentenced to the fixed-term imprisonment for eighteen years for stealing somebody’s hat. Accordingly, one who illegally acquired 1 million yuan through fraud, blackmail, and robbery shall be executed over 100 times.

The Koran invented by the God is to regulate the savage. For this reason, the Koran is suitable to regulate the criminal syndicate. The Koran shall be adopted to resolve the problem of criminal syndicate, in other words, the criminal syndicate shall be executed.