112 Citizen information should be publicised in default, and the fraud should be heavily convict

1 January 2017

I have been engaged in sales, which is the most difficult job in sales—promotion.

Product sales are related to the business survival and death, and the number of customers has the most direct effect on the promotion. Where are the unfamiliar customers? It’s the customer information. It’s the name of a strange customer, telephone, address, mailbox, QQ, cell phone, SMS . . .

The specific products require specific information. The information of the parents just giving birth to a baby can sell a lot of products. Children’s insurance, baby supplies, milk powder, diapers, parent-child activities, early childhood education . . . anyway, you need to buy these things from this store or another one. Sometimes young parents also do not know where to buy, and they need to inquire around for advice.

It’s good to collect some marketing information appropriately for your own choice.

The Western countries proposed to protect citizens’ privacy. I think the purpose of Western countries is not to protect the good guys, but to protect the bad guys.

There’s fraud, murder, violence, drug trafficking in Western countries that are commonplace. Criminals that killed dozens of persons are not sentenced to the death penalty, but they are just enjoying themselves very much in prison. Those criminals even seem to be more chic than the outside world.

Fraud is nothing.

So they want to protect the privacy of citizens, fraudsters cannot find information, so they have to do other illegal things. This is to remove trouble for everyone; it’s not to protect the good guys, but to protect the bad guys. They have insufficient policemen in order to deal with few troubles. The criminals won’t be punished; there are bad guys everywhere. There are won’t too many troubles for customers. The bad guys cannot find more customer information, so they do fewer illegal things. However, it also undermines economic growth.

At the early stage of China’s reform and opening up, China developed itself by feeling the stones across the river, and it could do anything. There’s no citizen information protection. So the economy grew rapidly in double digits.

Later, everything is standardised, and nothing can be done randomly; it’s difficult to sell out the product. Economic growth rate has declined.

The problem lies not in the publicised citizen information, but what people want to do with such information.

If there’s any person killed by a criminal with a knife, then all the shops are not allowed to sell the kitchen knife.

If there’s any person killed on the road by a car, then all the cars are not allowed to be driven on the roads.

If there’s a terrorist hijacking a plane, all the planes are not allowed to take off.

It’s the safest to walk on the road. No one can complain in case of any troubles, it’s your own business if you fall down on the road.

The problem is not that the properly publicised citizen information is an issue, but the bad guys are problems.

If it’s the problem of the bad guys, then it’s necessary to solve the problem of the bad guys. This has nothing to do with other things.

It is not because of bad guys that we do not develop our economy, and the enterprises do not survive, the people do not work, and there’s no tax of the state. This is ridiculous.

It’s essential to heavily convict the fraud, and the fraudster should be put in prison for ten years, eight years, until they get old. They ruin our market, and I want to ruin their life. Those ones leading to the death of the victim must be executed. Their heads must be cut; only in this way will no one else dare to commit a fraud.

The loss caused by those criminals is not the money, but they destroy our market and economic development.

The fraud turmoil in China started from the death immunity for economic crimes. This is really a calamity with serious harm.

Some people must put to death. You can let them commit suicide, or hang themselves; anyway, they must be cleared out of this world.

In short, fraud that does not lead to any death can be immune from death; otherwise, the fraudster must be sentenced to death.

Now there are a lot of people stealing the user’s bank account and password through a variety of channels, and someone withdraws the money in the bank card through a one-stop service.

This does not belong to the behaviour of stealing customer information, neither does it belong to normal business behaviour, but it’s robbery, high-tech means of crime.

It’s only to disturb the customers by getting the name, phone, and address of a customer. It is harmless. However, the access to the customer’s bank card information does not disturb the customer, and it is part of the robbery. Both seem to belong to getting the customer’s information, but the nature is completely different. It’s necessary to treat this completely differently.

P2P false investment is a fraud, and the actual investment belongs to the commercial business; both belong to completely different behaviour. Both will be with completely different responsibilities.

For the behaviour of stealing the information of customer’s bank card, such criminal must be executed. Because this is part of the robbery with huge amount, thus there must be the execution.

Other behaviour of obtaining the general information of the customers belongs to the normal business practices, and such behaviour should be protected and encouraged.

Robbery and commercial behaviour are not the same behaviour, so the treatment and punishment should also be different.

I think that the current government is very backward and slow towards the conviction and sentencing of the new criminal acts. The government cannot keep up with the situation, and it hits the good guys. However, this is a connivance of the bad guys and the demon.