111. It is mandatory for pet keepers to pay to charitable foundations

29 December 2016

I have visited some relatively underdeveloped areas of China, where I have seen some emaciated old people were begging. In a sense, begging differs between poverty-stricken areas and developed cities. 

In developed countries, beggars are mostly professional and don’t deserve sympathy, because some of them even earn much more than workers. Furthermore, some people specially cripple orphans, force them to beg, and then exploit them. All of these constitute occupational crimes, so they are worth less sympathy. They will hurt more orphans if they are given money.

However, old men who beg in poverty-stricken areas are really poor and pathetic.

I even saw one who was still making crafts and arranging flowers for money and living in spite of no fingers. Besides, it was extremely cold and close to 0℃ there.

I really felt that they were worth sympathy and rather pathetic, but I didn’t give him the money, because it was your business instead of mine. I would like to tell you who are supposed to pay to them—namely those who raise dogs and other pets. It is they that have to pay to those who need help.

People who don’t raise dogs or pets need to supervise and force pet keepers to pay to wretched and needy people, which is not only generally acknowledged, but also justice.

They raise pets, which indicates that they are kind-hearted and have idle money. However, they don’t love human beings, but animals. They raise animals, whereas they don’t support people who need their favour. This is a distorted cult behaviour that shall and must be corrected.

It is right to be kind-hearted, which is necessary for all people. Nevertheless, people shall be firstly warm-hearted to human beings, or else it is impossible for them to love animals and beasts.

It is only in line with God’s will and human interests when people give priority to love towards mankind before they treat animals nicely.

Some people don’t love human beings but animals, and their love for animals outperforms their love for human beings, which implies that they are just demons with human skin and simply demon heretics.

I have only heard that some people fight for dogs, but have been never told that any people quarrel for giving money to beggars, which suggests that people who raise dogs love dogs more than human beings. All of them are cultists and demons.

To prevent pet keepers from being led astray by dogs and becoming demons, people like us who don’t raise dogs have to help them.

Anyone who keeps pets must donate to charitable foundations at 1/1 and based on general costs for raising pets. How much they pay for buying pets and how much they roughly spend monthly may be calculated. They are required to donate to the poor based on the costs, and these donations shall be received by governments on behalf of the poor.

At first, they must express their love to the poor. Only in this way are they qualified for loving animals, or else they are just cultists.

They must firstly donate to charitable organisations at 1/1 at least. If not, they are disqualified for keeping pets.

Those who are stubborn are apostles of demons, who shall be sent to another world to unite with demons.

I don’t need much money, but I think that some people who raise dogs also have to give generously to the poor.

They shall give the poor as much as they spend on dogs. I have downgraded the poor to a level comparable to dogs, in an attempt to ask you for money. Do you think this is too demanding or necessary? Isn’t this a generally acknowledged truth, a justice, and the minimum requirement?

Furthermore, dogs shall be sentenced to death if they bite people. Meanwhile, ten times the costs shall be paid to the injured as medical expenses and nourishment subsidies, while twenty times the costs shall be compensated as subsidies for lost work and mental compensation.

Provided that people are bitten by ownerless dogs, local governments shall compensate the victims based on above standards, because the injuries shall be attributable to their inappropriate control over strays and unreasonable protection of people’s interests.

Moreover, such compensations shall be shared among the poor at the equal amount, because they are just the costs for raising dogs. Meanwhile, money shall be also donated to the poor at 1/1.

To be sure, working dogs shall be differentiated from those for fun. Work is assigned to guide dogs, police dogs, shepherd dogs, and explosive detection dogs. Rural people who raise dogs for meat are not required to donate. Instead, urban residents who raise dogs for entertainment and fun shall donate money to poor people.