110. Nail households should be settled by demolition

7 September 2016

Nail households refer to the phenomenon in which some people are unwilling to remove their houses for some engineering projects related to the land, building or road construction, resulting in the sharp turn, or the shabbiest small house among some modern building projects, which is unwilling to relocate.

It is a common phenomenon in capitalist country, due to the private ownership of land.

In China, where public ownership of land they are, it is ridiculous to see such a phenomenon.

Because hundreds of houses would be removed, rather than one or two, for a project. Others would be able to reach agreements with the demolition group, but one or two would refuse and become nail households, suggesting that the compensation would satisfy most people. Only a few fail to reach agreements, showing that they ask for too much, even things that are not supposed to be achieved by them.

Therefore, nail households are unreasonable and should be settled by demolition, to uphold justice.

Nail households actually damage the state interest with their individual actions. Especially, a nail house in the middle of the road might do harm to others’ lives; thus, it should be demolished immediately.

The land is created by God and belongs to God. Public ownership is just government’s execution of ownership on behalf of God. Besides, the government is entitled to change the use right of land, to make new plans for the use of land. It is a basic right of titleholders.

It is unreasonable for some people to refuse relocation once the government changes the use right of land. If some interests are harmed by the change of the use right of land, it is a problem concerning the compensation for interests, while disputes incurred by the compensation of interests shall be economic disputes, which shall be investigated, mediated, and judged by the court. It is not the relocation-or-not problem, since these are two different concepts.

Once the government changes the use right of land, local residents must relocate, court decision can be cited for those who are not satisfied with the compensation conditions, and the court decision must be executed.

Other protests, like murder, arson, assault, etc. fall into the category of criminal offence.

But suicide belongs to the basic human rights, and people have the right to commit suicide.