108. Marriage for the purpose of beauty is a kind of whoring, while marriage aimed at benefit is like prostitution and financial fraud

18 August 2016

The liveliest topic these days is a divorce case.

Both the husband and the wife rebuke each other for extramarital affairs and provide evidence.

Netizens stand on the contrary, cheering for the side that they support and joining in the fun.

But in my perspective, both the two sides are not good eggs and are troublesome.

It’s purely a typical affair about prostitution, whoring, and financial fraud in Chinese style.

The man obviously married for the purpose of beauty, while the woman for money.

Their initial purpose is wicked. So how could they get a good result? That’s daydreaming.

What annoys people most is that monks also join in this debate. The mortal may not see through the emptiness of the material world. But what about the monks? Why do they enter into religion if they cannot outguess this swindle? It’s ridiculous.

It is true that all the religious magic disappeared in 2012.

Prostitution and financial fraud in marital form aimed at beauty or benefit is widespread in China.

I estimated then that the proportion of P2P fake investment is about 20–50 per cent.

The proportion of prostitution and financial fraud in marital form is higher than P2P fake investments in China. It is around 80–95 per cent.

There are marriages with the purpose of love as well in China. But the proportion is extremely low. Those people are rare.

Of course, it’s normal that people take beauty and benefit into account in marriages. However, what occupy most of the proportion should be moral, ideal pursuit and values. If the proportion of beauty and interest is too large, the marriage will become an act of prostitution and whoring.

I think actual behaviour of prostitution and whoring is purer than this kind of marriage. After all, prostitutes mark the prices clearly and never deceive people, no matter young or old.

Why does the Chinese government prohibit pure act of street prostitution, but support vigorously dirty prostitution and financial fraud in marital form?

I hold the belief that it’s a combination of Chinese traditional culture and Occidental liberal human rights culture. It is a consequence due to the fact that people combine the filthiest things in the two kinds of culture, according to hideous human nature.

Chinese people discard advantages in the two cultures and utilise the shortcomings that are favourable to themselves to bring about nefarious, Chinese-style prostitution and financial fraud in marital form. And the government shares the spoils as well.

According to Chinese traditional culture, the men should earn money to provide for women and should let the women be in charge of money, while the women must be attached to the men. The men can divorce their wives and be in polygynous marriages. Furthermore, Chinese traditional culture came from the feudal system of landholding. The greatest property in a family was land and house property. Those couldn’t be transformed to cash, renamed, and transferred to foreign countries like the market economy now. They were fixed assets, which can only be inherited instead of being sold for cash. Even if the treasure was in the charge of women, women had only the right to operate instead of ownership. Men possessed eventually the right to handle the fortune. They were masters of their houses.

When it comes to the Occidental human rights culture, the property of both men and women is completely divided. The distribution of prenuptial properties and postnuptial properties is clear. Men and women only have to be on their own behalf. Women have title property and can convert their property into cash or transfer it.

The situation of marriage in China at present is: men earn money to provide for women and they let women be in charge of money, but the distribution and transfer of property are based on Occidental human rights culture. It is considered to be a merit in China that men have no rights in financial affairs. According to the man in this event, his wife diddled his 100 million yuan and fled to the United States. All of that is because of his lust for women. He even has no money to go to court. All of the relationships between men and women in China can be described as metamorphic psychosis and false pretences.

If an Occidental man wants to marry a Chinese woman, they have to make sure of this relationship. Otherwise, they may suffer losses and trouble somehow.

On the basis of Chinese traditional view of marriage, women think that they are entrusted to men for life when they get married. So they require the men to give them the right of being in charge of property. Therefore, they must sign an agreement that has legal effect before they get married.

1. If the woman put forward the idea of divorce, then all of the property will belong to the man. The woman will leave without getting anything.

2. If the woman has extramarital affairs, the man will have the right of divorce and possess all of the property. The woman will leave without getting anything.

3. If the woman is infertile or refuses to procreate, the man will have the right of a polygynous marriage.

This is the real ‘commit one’s lifetime to someone’ in Chinese traditional view of marriage. Otherwise, it’s completely a flimflam and deceit and a kind of financial fraud in the name of marriage.

According to Occidental view of marriage and human rights, men and women have Dutch treat from beginning to end. They protect their own rights of economy and personal liberty. The prenuptial property belongs to themselves, while the common property in marriage will be divided according to the law. And each of them undertake half of the marriage expenses.

Two views have their cause and effect, as well as their own logic, which cannot be confused. Otherwise, it is behaviour of grift. And such behaviour will destroy social order and tarnish social morality. It likes that all kinds of evil spirits dance in riotous revelry and the evildoers appear everywhere.

The situation of marriage in China at present is: women think that they are entrusted to men for life and sacrifice their youth, so they ask men to put their property under the name of woman. Then women divorce their husbands for various reasons after a short time of marriage. And they require a large amount of property that should belong to men. It is shameless financial fraud.

Furthermore, there is a luxurious custom in wedding. The effect of this custom is letting their family members and friends know their wedding and letting men sink deeper in the swindle. The costs of wedding and house have risen up to hundreds of thousands, even more than a million. And the money is supplied by men. If they divorce, men have to seek another mate, which means that men are likely to suffer a similar loss once again.

In this economic activity, men may suffer great loss financially. In a word, men are in a disadvantageous situation. They may sink deeper in a financial fraud. And once they reach the end of their forbearance, they will make difficult decisions and start over.

The phenomenon that men are blackmailed by bad assets lies in another aspect: women refuse to sleep together.

Men have been locked up by bad assets at the start of the marriage, and they are blackmailed by the woman during their marriages. And women’s main method is refusing to sleep together with men.

Women will ask their husbands for all sorts of unreasonable and shameless demands during their marriages. They want to control all the money and family affairs. Provided that their requests are not satisfied, they will refuse to sleep together. It is not a lie. We can find such plots in all Chinese movies, TV programs, dramas, and so forth. It is a prevalent phenomenon. Chinese men are blackmailed by the women without shame. They even think it is a sort of glorious mission.

So the humanness of Chinese people has already distorted and become abnormal. They have no self-esteem, either self-determination. All of them are eunuchs and swindlers.

The reason why telecommunication fraud is so rampant in China right now lies in this situation. Everyone grows up in deception and cheating. They grow up in a distorted and abnormal environment. So this sort of thing has a mass base.

Occidental view of marriage of democracy, freedom and human rights, is certainly purer by comparison. The intelligence of Chinese people is so high, and sometimes they are too shameless.