107. Fighting-to-death lawyers are cults

6 June 2016

Recently there was a case in China which causes fierce arguments. There is a question of factual justice and procedural justice in it. It indicates that fighting-to-death lawyers and the procedural justice completely violate the facts and the factual justice, which belongs to the behaviour of cults.

The most basic principle of judging any event and case is the fact, the truth of the matter. Just like Detective Conan said, ‘There is only one truth.’ If the truth of the matter is ignored, concealed, intentionally overturned, and rejected, then it is deliberately distorting and fabricating the facts, knowing the truth but not admitting it. This is a cult’s and demon’s act. They are the demon’s disciples, who need to be exterminated. They need to be sent to another world, to reunite with the demon.

The fact is already very clear after online discussion as well as the evidence provided by the police and website users. The course of the incident is very simple, which however becomes a shaky case after the promotion and hype by the fighting-to-death lawyers.

According to some evidence, somebody is a highly educated young man, just being father, with a history of heart disease. He is also a skilled whoremonger who often went to erotic places though serving as a deputy level of government official. In accordance with the current Chinese law, government officials who prostitute are to be removed from office. That day, when somebody was going to the erotic place, he was reported by someone to the police who conducted the arrest in plainclothes. Afraid of losing the position, ashamed of his family, somebody strongly resisted the arrest, and ran away two times. He kicked the driver, bit the police, and tried to forcibly jump out of the car. Finally he was attacked by some disease and died on the way to hospital.

However, the fighting-to-death lawyers believed that plainclothes police in law enforcement did not wear police uniforms and record instrument of law enforcement; hence, there was a problem in the process of the police’s law enforcement. Therefore, prostitution testimony provided by the police shall not be accepted. They insisted that the court should only consider the police violence, law enforcement killing an early father and gifted youth. The police shall be called to account the liability of killing the good citizen.

This is a typical example of cults. The fighting-to-death lawyers are the followers of the demon who are against God.

The basic logic of the fighting-to-death lawyers is the procedural justice that the West praises highly, and as long as any negligence is found in the procedure, all the evidence will be overturned. Finally, there is only the case of the police killing the good citizen.

This is a case where procedural justice completely overthrows the facts justice, as well as a case of the West and the world being controlled by the demon. They are completely finding the excuse to overthrow the facts, to help those criminals and the demon get rid of the crime. They are helping the evil and the demon to escape the righteous punishment of God. They are the tool of the demon against justice and God.

Black is black, white is white, right is right, wrong is wrong. The truth is the truth. There is only one truth.

The only basis for judging a case is the fact. Even the truth can be deliberately overturned, arbitrarily fabricated, not to mention justice and God. There is only the demon’s grin.

The most important job of investigators is to restore the facts. As to how to get the truth, it does not matter whether God told them in a dream, or they went to hell to find the ghost. The case only requires the fact.

And the fact can be verified by verified by multi-angle and multipart. Because it is the truth, it can be verified.

As for the investigators exacting confession by torture, resulting in injury or injustice wrong case, this is another problem of the law and discipline. The punishment shall not cause the interrogator serious injury or excessive injury, within the limits of the range that the interrogator can afford. It is more worthy of praise when the evidence is obtained with no harm.

The West is called ‘the great whore riding a beast’ by God in the Revelation of the Bible. The fighting-to-death lawyers, incited by the West, regard the procedural justice as an excuse. Helping the demon get rid of the punishment is also a major sign of the great whore. They make peace with the demon, prostitute with the demon against justice, against God, and need to be exterminated.

People need truth, people need justice, people need God.