106. Arresting prostitutes indicates that the social system is in favour of the rich and against the poor

13 May 2016

I talked about this issue before.

It is tolerable that the rich keep one and even more mistresses by paying them luxury car, mansion, and big money in China.

A few days ago, a friend pointed at an upscale residential area and told me, ‘Look, that residential area is for mistresses. You cannot see anybody go out in the morning, but see beauties drive in and out in the afternoon. We call it mistress residential area.’

If prostitution is defined as the business or practice of engaging in sexual activity in exchange for payment, other than marital sexual activity, then keeping one or more mistresses should be regarded as subscribing to a package service of prostitution, of which the sum of business transactions is huge, and the nature is bad. Girls kept by others as mistress and those keeping a mistress should be accused of engaging in prostitution for a long time. Their behaviour is absolutely lawless. According to the measurement of penalty for prostitution, they should be sentenced to at least eight to ten years’ imprisonment and fined hundreds of thousands of yuan or even millions of yuan. Their luxury cars and mansions are essentially payment for prostitution, which should be confiscated.

I am confused why some leading authorities of law don’t voice any viewpoint on the measurement of penalty for keeping mistress, but have concern about street prostitution.

I am confused why police don’t investigate and arrest those committing prostitution by keeping mistress or being kept as mistress, but concentrate on street prostitution.

Such actions are absolutely in favour of the rich, but against the poor.