102、Chinese Government Should Make Clear the Attitude to Dogs

8 September 2015

Today, there is news about dogs in China again.

A peasant woman from Xi’an was intercepted by a group of dog-loving mob on her way of a dog’s shipment. At last, the woman stabbed herself in her protest of social injustice.

The attitude of Chinese government toward dogs has been always ambiguous.

As to Yulin Dog-eating Festival, Chinese government asked restaurants that sell dog meat not to hang their brands and not to kill dogs in the street.

People can eat dog meat as usual. However, it is just not allowed to kill them in the street, but quietly kill them in the backyard. No restaurants is allowed to hang brands about dog meat, but one can give dog meat order with code, just like formal underground activist before.

What’s it? This is ‘Western hypocrisy’ called by the Israelite. I don’t know whether Chinese have learnt other things, but I am sure Chinese have mastered ‘Western hypocrisy’.

That the peasant woman stabs herself today has direct relation with the ambiguity, injustice of government.

That the peasant woman stabs herself is a kind of protest with Chinese characteristics.

When encountering this kind of injustice, people should not stab themselves, but fight against dog-loving mob with musket and stagger.

The activities of dog-loving mob are illegal infringement to citizen legitimate rights and interests. Citizens shall exercise their legal right of self-defence to protect their own interests with appropriate weapons.

Average people can be shameless, rogue, or ignorant.

As law enforcer or the authorities, they should not pretend to be blind toward this or even good men.

Black is black and white is white. Right is right, wrong is wrong. Government needs to have a clear attitude and clear statement about what shall do and what shall not do.

A series of these incidents about people and dog have occurred many times.

1If the government wants to please dog-loving mob, it’s okay, but it needs legislation. National People’s Congress should vote on this issue that is banned to eat dog meat in China. It is understandable and applicable with this proposal.

2. If the legislation fails to pass, then eating dog meat is legal. The government needs to crack down dog-loving mob’s illegal activities, which seriously disrupt social order to protect the legal rights and interests of citizens.

3. The law should be enforced by law enforcement agencies, and dog-loving mob have no legal enforcement right. Intercepting dog shipment will seriously disrupt social order. The government needs to severely punish these mobs according to law as a warning to others.

To do nothing or to be a good man is to avoid conflicts. This is a kind of malfeasance, a kind of inaction and corruption.

When such security problems happened, the police shall arrive in the spot within five minutes to solve the problem in accordance with the law. Don’t let the disadvantaged groups be threatened and harassed for nine hours by rogue mob, and at last commit self-stabbing.

The final result is that the dogs were snatched and got by those dog-loving mobs.

This is purely a kind of government-assist robbery of private property. If government thinks the dogs fail to meet standard of health and epidemic prevention and pose a threat to the society. Government should seize these dogs and burn them with fire and buried them there.

Or throw them in cremator with humane destruction like Western practice. No matter how to deal with these dogs, these dogs should not be controlled by dog-loving mob.

This has encouraged the thugs’ arrogance and spiritual motivation to continue to harm and harass people next time.