100、Go Home, 2012, God Comes and the Destiny of Chinese Is Decreed

15 March 2015

I knew that Christian party in Hong Kong long time ago, but didn’t watch it carefully. Today I took some time watching the video clip and hundred per cent sure God’s oracle.

It was not religious propaganda, nor was brainwashing. That was God’s arrangement. Just ordinary people didn’t know it.

China’s traditional culture and Western culture are different since ancient times as I addressed before, and the Chinese culture is a systematic culture, Western culture is a personal culture.

Western culture is essentially different from Chinese culture.

I think that whether Western culture or Chinese culture is not fictitious culture like Mexican drug trafficking culture or Korea extremism. It was a masterpiece of humanity. Frankly speaking, that’s what human intelligence is.

I think that Western-style democracy, freedom, human rights, and culture are the creation of the Freemasonry’s boss Satan.

The Chinese systematical culture is the prehistoric civilisation left by God during the Creation.

As I mentioned, Communism and China’s traditional culture have the same origin. More accurately they are the same culture. That is why communism can succeed in China, but failed in other countries. Because of the difference in cultural genes, communism can only be compatible with the Chinese traditional culture and prosperous. Otherwise it can hardly be compatible with other culture, especially with the Freemasonry’s democracy, freedom, human rights culture dominated by Satan.

Western countries controlled by Satan or the Freemasonry try their best to destroy communism.

What seem to be a struggle between people, in fact, is the struggle between God and Satan. Much more powerful forces are leading the struggle and we’re just the actors.

Life is like a drama, so is history. Just roles vary.

Human beings are small and mercy puppets either play the clown or the hero.

Perhaps only in the constant failures and struggles can human beings lift the soul and grow. Only in that way can human life be wonderful and meaningful.

I think the Freemasonry and Western countries are necessary for unless human beings suffer, they get to know God’s greatness.

If there is no Satan and the Freemasonry, humans cannot see the ugliness of his soul.

What Mexicans said also confirmed this point. ‘We are near from the United States, yet so far from God.’

The United States is in dominant of the Freemasonry, so they are surely far from God.

As it said in Russia, ‘Where there is the US, where there is misfortune’, which confirmed this point.

I suggest that every American should buy a ‘Diamond Sutra’ and read more spiritually to cultivate their minds.

I found that mankind can only choose, not thinking, just as a woman only has consciousness, but cannot think. In facing the problem of selecting communism or democracy, people can only choose instead of thinking no matter which to choose left or right, democracy or communism.

I have read so many articles but never found a man said, ‘Two systems are reasonable in part and we should learn from them both to improve our own country.’

There is no constructive discussion but beating, smashing, looting, murder, and arson. The democracy is a choice for a man from Satan whiles the communism from God. Human beings can only choose but think.

The cause of this phenomenon is that human brain is limited in computing power and the abstract idea, politics, culture, and religion are hard for them to understand, let alone master them.

In my opinion, all thinkers, philosophers, religionists, politicians seem to just say one thing in his life, and they do understand nothing if unfamiliar.

Frankly, Mao did not understand capitalism, while the US president does not understand the real socialism. Marx did not know what the capital cause all his life has never been a capitalist, nor had been a worker.

The reason why the gods did not tell the whole truth is that human being can neither understand nor integrate two seemingly contradictory things into coherent whole. So God segments the truth and let it spoken out by different people.

In fact, I now believe that what Satan and the Freemasonry said is a kind of important truth. The key point is that how we use or treat the problem.

In my opinion all the truth, culture, politics, ideology, and philosophy are just tools, which we need for different cases. Just as we have no choice but call out the most ferocious devil to deal with the IS devil.

When dealing with public demonstrations, we need some ideas. If only the devil is in your pocket and nothing else, things will be very difficult.

As the Chinese government in solving people’s things, there are many things can be solved by money, rather than regime or suppress power. So much option is available and solving by force is the last resort. That is a harmonious society under the protection of power.

Democracies government has little money in domination, but police. In that way the contradiction is more complex.

In fact, money is everything, the government could use the money to solve a lot of problems cannot be solved by force. And I think that democracy is a tactical behaviour, not a strategic behaviour at the national level.

Communistic countries guarantee fundamental fairness and justice, and justice is guaranteed by the part of God’s wealth, the main state-owned capital without obstruction, financial constraints. In simple terms, it is guaranteed by independent finance and force.

China now is implementing God’s will just as planed during the Creation. That is a systematic culture or communist culture. Establishing the kingdom of God and the results are the same no matter if you believe it or not, be it intentional or not. So it is the same whether it was called communism or the kingdom of God. It is called all roads lead to Rome. That is destiny of Chinese.

Chinese is chosen by God to accomplish the mission and led the nation steps into new destiny during this period in welcoming God’s coming.

What I have written is the intention of scientific communism, public ownership. That means establishing the kingdom and implementing the law of God in using his wealth and achieves ‘God loves all, both black and white, regardless of the wishes of the rich and the poor’, achieves fairness and justice guaranteed by money and force, achieves scientific rationality of a prosperous and harmonious society.

Establish the kingdom of God is not chanting in the temple as before, but as the Chinese Communist Party did, establishing a model kingdom of God and stepping into the kingdom together with friendly nation. That is what we said the Chinese model.

At that meeting, the foreign Christian missionaries, many foreign workers God OF simultaneously felt the Holy Spirit and the revelation of God’s oracle, that is following China, and let God’s nations prosper around the world.

No war, no barriers, no hatred, no poverty, no oppression, no suffering kingdom in the kingdom of God. People go there like the family members coming home. Foreign missionaries handed over the key leading to the future to China’s churchmen through a symbolic ceremony.

I guess that Chinese people do not know what to do. I think that the key should be left to the Chinese government who may not accept it.

This is a formal issue that may be resolved in the future and we need to do something practical.

Chinese churches should cooperate with the Chinese government.

No Occupy Central Movement, no Hong Kong independence, no Taiwan independence, no Tibetan separatist, no cult. Improve internal stability and promote economic development. Oppose separatism and terrorism.

This is not shouting slogans, if you really feel the revelation of God, you must know that this is God’s will.

It is not lucky that Communist Party rules, but God’s arrangements and ordination. The Communist Party has its vital important historical mission that is to do a role model in leading the world establishing the kingdom of God.

Chinese destiny is not just relying on a few Christians. As I observed that when you took that key, you might feel puzzled about what to do.

In fact, the Chinese ordained mainly relying on the Chinese Communist Party in fulfilling its mission, which has undertook a long age and is almost accomplished now.