99、Some Low-Quality Chinese Shopping Spree Abroad

23 February 2015

Democracy is the high-end consumer goods that could only be consumed and afforded by high-quality people with certain level of quality and civilisation. Countries such as the backward impoverished countries or the extremely violent and wicked Islamic countries will always be troubled in democracy.

Democracy requires the populace’s cultivation to be at the level of appreciating Mozart or Shakespeare.

Recently, a Chinese, who took a trip in Thailand, kicked a celestial bell in a temple and got filmed. This is an outrageous behaviour, in need of oral criticism.

In my opinion, that guy may even pee on the head of the Statue of Liberty in USA, if no one sees him.

Rich and wilful.

I believe that the guy that kicked the celestial bell must know nothing about Mozart and Shakespeare. These Chinese upstarts are characterised by uneducated, no quality, no faith, and no accomplishment, including doubting about communism. Except the money, they believe nothing at all.

Democracy is the high-end consumer goods. Chinese people featuring the low quality, high IQ, shrewdness, and wicked smartness are not suitable for it.

The question is that why are those Chinese so rich? This is a problem worth of study. There is no absolute connection between being rich and high quality so that there is either no connection between being rich and democratic. In return, the democratic system is the most vicious poison in the low-quality countries. It will just bring about the disasters, chaos, and terrors to those low-level countries.

During the recent years, China is undergoing the internal adjustment without focus on the economic development. The China mode has been adjusted in the pilot run. This means that the shopping spree of low-quality populations, such as the Chinese, hasn’t started officially. In the future, such atmosphere will just be more frequent forever.

It is tolerable that the population could be with low quality, knowing nothing and nonsense, but not the elite class of a country. They shall not lead the public to death, hardship, wars, or disasters. This is just the compulsory responsibility that shall be assumed by the social elites.

America, Freemasonry, and Western states have been outputting democracy, wars, disasters, and errors to backward countries and regions in order to seek for the interests of big capitals.

It is time to end them all.

The scientific state capitalism, or the scientific communist, will be the truth and righteousness to solve all of these problems, as the love and original idea of God.