98、Criminals Sentenced to Death Should Be Encouraged to Transplant Organs

3 January 2015

It is right that organ transplantation is voluntary. The problem is that being involuntary can be converted into being voluntary and vice versa.

Sometimes it is difficult for people to change their wills. However, it’s not always difficult as long as a proper method is adopted.

Organ transplantation is not bad but can help and love each other. If people can come around, they will agree that it should be a good thing to be able to help other people after my death. It is a good deed to save other people’s lives.

To be honest, it is usually a taboo for people to talk about what will happen after death. Of course, death awaits all men, but people don’t know when death comes, especially people who will die accidentally and come to a bad end in their day.

For organ transplantation, a young donor is the best choice. However, young people won’t think about organ transplantation at ordinary times, and also, it’s not necessary for them to think it. Thus, it reveals a contradiction.

However, criminals sentenced to death are different, because they have enough time to think about it. In addition, the government and other people also have enough time and reason to discuss and communicate this problem with them.

Another issue that criminals should consider is that since they have already hurt society and people, should they consider making up for their mistakes and doing some useful things to society and other people? It’s a fair deal to sell organs to other people and the money earned can comfort their family and realise their expectations.

It is a good thing to make a deal and do something meaningful before death. The key is idea communication and the government should provide a platform and a market for it.

I think all criminals sentenced to death should be organised to attend training and study classes and compelled to learn every day. In the meantime, I think this is a practice that can enhance their ideological levels. They had no time to study, learn, and think about it before, but now they have time, conditions, and opportunities to do those things. Therefore, they should study and learn it well to purify their souls and enhance their ideological levels. As a result, they can do something useful to society and help and comfort their family.

If a market for the organ transplantation is available, maybe they can meet a right buyer and earn a pretty penny for the family.

Hitler said that repeat a lie a thousand times and it becomes the truth. Moreover, it is not a lie, so it needs to be educated repeatedly.

After becoming convinced, people just smile indifferently even it’s a big deal.

‘Path is shown up only when thousands of people walk through.’

People have done many ridiculous things and continue to do them. Organ transplantation is not ridiculous but serious. It is a good deed, but no one is willing to or dare to do it.

Human beings are barbarous, benighted, dirty, and hypocritical.

Human beings flaunt their glorious images over and over again. In order to enhance their images, consolidate their positions and maintain their interests, they ignore the interests of the state and the society as well as human beings. This is the behaviour that harms others to benefit oneself.

For some flagitious devils, as a punishment, they should be deprived of a voluntary right and spared education and persuasion. They should be forced to transplant organs, do good works and atone for their crimes. There is nothing wrong. People took part in IS and other Islamic terrorist organisations should also be forced to transplant organs, because they are devils.