97、The Loss of Faith in This Era

26 December 2014

I felt long before that our generation was being in the confusion and grief of the era.

It is not until I notice the reflection in literary works and the social identity recently that I have an apparently same feeling. And this is shown in love as well as in the idea of family.

There is a joke, telling that the generation of post-seventies in Mainland China is workaholic, often working overtime, and the post-eighties refuses to work overtime, while the post-nineties even refuses to go to work, who are all delinquents.

The post-seventies is relatively a generation of having faith, while which is decreasing generation by generation. Moreover, the gradual loss of this faith is mainly reflected in the aspects of love and career.

Compared with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Syria conflict, the heresy terrorism of IS, the Ukraine conflict and Taliban, the Chinese so-called grief is just like making a fuss about an imaginary illness, so Chinese people should be content for still living in paradise.

In spite of the fact that ordinary Chinese are lacking of faith, the Chinese government still has its faith, and they exactly know where China should be led to. As for the ordinary people’s faith, they would definitely know when they are supposed to know.

However, the grief caused by faith problems in other areas of the world is extremely serious, which is more supposed to be called hurt, horror, evil, and hatred.

Essentially, the grief that people in Mainland China are suffering is the same as that of the world, which is actually a loss of faith. The faith of ordinary Mainland Chinese is gradually disappearing, drifting along like an abandoned ship at sea.

As for the rest of the world, their faiths have been outdated and wrong, just like a grown-up is still wearing a pair of small shoes and small clothes; the spiritual civilisation is falling far behind the material civilisation, which has been losing control, just like one’s behaviour is getting rid of the control of his ideology, like having mental disease. Moreover, the conflicts among various cultures have been interwoven with material conflicts, which has brought about an extremely complex and serious situation.

I think everyone of us is actually a computer, created by God, having our hardware and software, which are respectively the human body and the human ideology as well as culture.

Theoretically, we all share similar configuration in hardware, while the difference among individuals is located at their ideology, i.e., the software. And also theoretically, anyone can survive with any kind of ideology, i.e., any kind of soul.

People should have different ideologies, which also means different souls, just like some people are still using DOS, while some using 95, 98, XP, Win7, or Win10.

This is because human’s material civilisation has come to an age when a new operating system is needed. All the previous ideologies and souls need updating, or they won’t be able to support the new hardware of the new era—a new material civilisation would generate its new hardware.

And all the existing grieves of the human society, the problems of ideologies and souls, are caused by this reason. The old ideologies cannot adapt to the current productivity development, which has led to serious impediments and conflicts.

Human ideologies in the past are all defective and unsound, including the chieftaincy tribalism, feudalism, Marxism, and capitalism, while anyone with any kind of these ideologies is regarded to be paranoid and defective, which are bound to fall into conflicts against the society and the world.

If humans want development and survival, all of people must improve their ideologies, as well as update their operating systems and their souls, otherwise, there would be no necessity for humans to survive but to disappear. This is a task for all the human of this era, which has to be finished, or serious consequences would occur then. Those who are unwilling to or cannot update their souls would definitely unable to co-exist and to enjoy common prosperity with the world, and they are bound to be abandoned. I do not want to see any bad result on anybody, but that day will come.

Those who are unable to co-exist with others are demons and rubbishes, and they need to disappear from the earth. Those who don’t love this world are also demons and rubbishes, and they also need to disappear from the earth.

With souls updated, humans would need new missions and new tasks, so as to enter the new civilisation. Those who are reluctant to enter the new civilisation are required to leave, and to disappear. There is no need for human to endlessly indulge in those meaningless conflicts and fights. All of these have reached their ends.

This is our mission of the era, or grief, or glory.