96、A Life for a Life and Debts Should be Repaid

21 November 2014

‘A life for a life and debts should be repaid’ is a part of the traditional Chinese culture and is also being referred to as ‘heavenly principles’.

Heavenly principles are the principles and jurisprudence being adopted universally. I have never studied exactly how many heavenly principles in China. However, ‘intolerable by the course of nature’ is often being mentioned by Chinese people, what can be attributed as intolerable by the course of nature, in general, is also referred to as ‘a life for a life and debts should be repaid’.

There are so many principles in the world and each of them is justifiable under certain circumstance. Cultural thoughts are various and diversified.

The course of nature comes down to eight Chinese characters only, which is ‘a life for a life and debts should be repaid’. Simple and clear, but it contains the most fundamental codes of conduct for human beings.

Only the people living in the places that are protected by those eight Chinese characters are being granted with the most basic social environment for their survivals, then it can be possible for them to discuss civilisation, culture, and thoughts.

If even those eight Chinese characters are distorted and denied, the world is doomed to be in chaos. Because human beings will not even have their most basic living environment, let alone other civilisation, all of which are talking nonsense and will turn out to be frauds.

‘A life for a life’ can ensure the most basic security of human beings, which is the life safety and can guarantee the most basic point, which is the respect of an individual’s life.

‘A life for a life’ is the guarantee and respect of the lives of those people who are alive.

‘A life for a life’ is a scope, which is used to restrain the evil and devilish behaviours and to limit the greediness of all human beings, thus to confine evil spirit and demons to a certain scope.

Evil spirit, demons, as well as the greediness, are born with every people, the death instinct is included into the nature of human beings.

If the damage made to any other people can be limited within the scope of killing that people, then more or less it is possible to relieve or compensate that damage.

Therefore, Chinese people often say ‘life is all’. It is impossible to prevent one from fighting, plundering, damaging, or hating other people since human beings are born with greediness. In another word, the dirtiness and evilness are born with all human beings as they are the natural instincts or inherent qualities of the latter. To sum up, these are greediness, jealousy, and evilness.

To completely remove all the greediness, jealousy, and evilness from oneself, sometimes, I think I cannot even do so, let alone other ordinary people.

Greediness, jealousy, and evilness is a part of human nature, which if completely removed, human beings will not be what they are in the complete absence of human nature.

In this sense, our social rules should be established based on human nature, to be more specifically, it is established based on the greediness, jealousy, and evilness of human nature.

Therefore, I oppose the act of hatred against sex industry and corruption. Lust and greediness are all about human nature. Advertising oneself as having no lust and greediness in order to manage the society conveniently and to establish a social system and rules in the complete absence of lust and greediness is a fraud and lie without any consideration of humanity, or even it is an excuse used to cover up more evil deals.

The saying ‘One may steal a horse while another may not look over the hedge’ just originated from this point.

According to the belief maintained by Islam, lust and greediness in humanity can be eliminated by hiding up women’s faces. Now people have widely realised that it is a heresy showing no sign of humanity and is also a terrorist organisation causing tremendous damage and trouble to human beings.

Lust and greediness are all about human nature and can be only restricted to a certain scope, but cannot be eliminated. The course of nature, a life for a life would be violated if people were killed for their lust and greediness. Because Islamic extremist groups and some other organisations have violated the course of nature, so they must be destroyed.

From an economic perspective, debts should be repaid is a course of nature used to regulate human behaviours.

Debts refer to the compensations made for the losses of either party in economic activities acknowledged by both parties under a contract.

Each country shall set forth the rules that are used to regulate their economic activities based on their own actual conditions.

However, if this matter is to be arbitrated by God, debts should be repaid.