21 October 2014

Chinese people are diligent, while people from other places are relatively fond of leisure.

The reason why God creates human beings, I think, is that he expects the human beings can change the world, while all of this needs labour, the hard work.

One of my friends told me that the African who believe in the Islam will pray five times per day, which can’t be altered under any circumstances; therefore, they only have a low productivity. The work efficiency of two African persons is even lower than that of one Chinese, while their salaries are not so low, and their labour costs are even higher than those of the Chinese.

Besides, they are absolutely lazy and never save up. The children would rather hang a bowl on the neck to beg than attend school, even if it is free education.

However, this is absolutely inconceivable in China. Why is there such a kind of difference? Why are Chinese diligent and the foreigners in some places lazy?

In my opinion, this is related with the cultures.

Why are Chinese people diligent? China attaches importance to the traditional cultures and Confucius-Mencius culture. It will be despised to be poor, backward, ignorant, illiterate, degenerate, and lazy by the whole society. These people will be unable to find a wife and ostracised by the society.

Why are the foreigners in some places lazy? The foreign countries pay attention to personal cultures and Islamic culture. Traditional cultures and Confucius-Mencius culture make people diligent. Personal culture and Islamic culture cause people to be lazy. God doesn’t like to see lazy human beings, because that is dirty.

I once analysed the traditional cultures and Confucius-Mencius culture, which can lead to a kind of connection and system and a kind of unwritten contract and care between people.

There is a kind of unwritten contract and care between parents and children so that the parents must manage and invest their children from childhood. They must have a requirement to the children, conduct investment, and strict management to them.

The children must support their parents when they are old, which is the present morality, while the law in ancient times when it was implemented compulsorily; otherwise, they would be put to death if they refused to support their parents. Therefore, the children must be well educated and invested when they are young; thus, they will have the ability to create a good living environment and support their parents.

However, this kind of early investment and management is necessary.

When the parents become old, if their children are promising, people will give the credit to their parents and think they have good methods to educate their children and have made a successful investment. Therefore, they should be respected and supported, and that’s the fact. The future achievement of the children is absolutely related with their parents’ disciplining when they are young; thus, the success of the children is that of the parents and they deserve to be respected and supported. Similarly, the unsuccessful parents will be laughed at and looked down upon. The old saying ‘There are three forms of unfilial conducts, of which the worst is to have no descendants’ narrates the same truth. Namely, if some people don’t give birth to or bring up children, especially boys, there will be no person to support them when they are old, which will lead to the decline of their family and it is the worst unfilial conduct, also the greatest misfortune.

Of course, some people will say that the social security pension system of the developed countries is now very advanced so that they don’t need this kind of original social relation.

1.     The undeveloped areas absolutely need this kind of relationship to play a role.

2.     The old people from the developed countries also need spiritual comfort, but not pure material satisfaction.

3.     There is also a population increase in the developed counties and the civilisation needs to be continued.

A child is better unborn than untaught. When one achieves success, he also wins a noble position for his wife. When a man gets to the top, all his friends and relations get there with him.

We can say that this is a kind of transaction and constraint, while it indeed conforms to the real intention of God from the angle of the social benefit, and it makes God joyous. Therefore, the human beings can do well in the compulsory education and pension insurance naturally.

Actually, that the children are educated, managed, and cared and the old people are respected and supported marks the successful management and operation of the society. In China, from the ancient times and the era of Confucius and Mencius, there exist the compulsory education and pension insurance functions, which make the society run reasonably and orderly. Being full of vitality, God feels joyous and has the sense of achievement at the sight of it.

However, the people from other places are not quite satisfactory. Though the European people have advanced economy, they hanker after an easy and comfortable life and are very lazy; besides, they are unwilling to give birth to and bring up children, leading to a negative population growth in the Western countries.

Two problems will be brought by the negative population growth:

1.     It will result in economic recession, population decline, aged tendency of population, and reduced social demand.

2.     In order to solve the labour force and supporting problems, Europe introduces lots of Muslims, which brings serious public security and culture conflicts, making the European civilisation and democratic civilisation of the Western countries disappear gradually.

Especially at present, in the poor Africa, the children prefer to hang a bowl on their necks to beg everywhere rather than attend school. In addition, they also act in collusion with the Islam, being so filthy.

There is a problem from the root of the cultures.