30 August 2014

Gangdom is a main mark of failure social management and less control.

Common people’s life will be directly affected if the social management is aborted and out of control. The harm from the underworld to ordinary people is the most serious, much more than government corruption and the outdated social system.

The gangdom bullies specially the weak, the ordinary people at the bottom of society. So I measure whether a country and society is successful or not in management with the rampant degree of the mobdom.

Because if the government is corrupted, the worst thing to the ordinary is to abandon them to their fate, the government will not torture them, they are too poor to get anything from.

But the gangdom, they will adopt thousands of means to oppress the ordinary people in the bottom of society. The people without any income at the bottom of social heap will invite you join them instead of giving you a hand. They not only grab everything from you, but control your physical power, and the soul of those at the bottom, servicing mobdom, committing crime: stealing, grabbing, cheating, and killing people. I was vowed to let them perish from the world, I hate them.

The society full of gangdom is the most outrageous one.

No matter how advanced and developed you are in terms of economy, it is outrageous, failing to manage society. And this society has no quality to promote anything.

China clamped down on gangdom in the past. Which was thought to be neither democratic nor legal by Western society. But I think this movement is necessary.

Even the comment from the Western countries, which is so-called democratic countries, is a kind of dirty and shameless.

They harbour and pamper the evils and monsters; they ignore and disregard the people at the bottom of social heap.

The so-called civilisation they believed is exactly backward and ignorant, dirty, and evil. It is the follower and accomplice of Satan.

Marx once said, ‘When falling to the world, each pore of capitalism, from head to foot, is flowing with blood and dirty items.’

Here Marx wanted to express that the primitive accumulation of capitalism is as dirty and bloody as gangdom. When doing primitive accumulation, it is the behaviour of the underworld, but they washed themselves with money afterwards.

So the capitalist system is such a system that had opened a door for gangsterdom since the day it built. This is what they so-called civilisation, human rights, democracy, and freedom; those are the amulet and protective umbrella for gangsterdom at the very start.

I am not negating the capitalism totally, nor perish it like Marx did, because the capitalism is a relative progress and necessary stage of human society. The idea of human rights, democracy, and freedom is a kind of progress compared with the feudalism of Middle East region and African areas.

Marxism is surely brutal at the very start; it took the wrong way and brought harm to a human being. But the capitalist system makes me discontented and angry for it shields and pampers the gangsterdom at its original design. I hope people can get improved and step forward.

If the members of gangdom commit the crime of murder, its head and executor shall be shot.

They have to pay for what they did. Like the Mexican drug dealer and IS, their organs should be cut off for money to compensate for the families of the victims and the people’s loss, except for a life for a life.