92、The Safety Island of Abandoned Children

7 June 2014

Recently, I have noticed that our county has taken measures to build a safety island for the government to adopt abandoned children.

And most of the children they adopt suffer from severe congenital diseases.

Indeed, it’s a progress for the government to adopt abandoned children.

How many people die of terrorist attacks and wars in the world?

They are all able-bodied people with family affection, friendship, and love. It’s hard to imagine how many people would die in wars and political movements, starvation, and killings?

Are infants with serious congenital diseases so valuable?

Perhaps someone would say that our country is peaceful, I have never encountered killings or violence, and we are not short of food.

Please remember that everyone is seen as equal before God. I can’t tell any difference from African refugees from American citizens because they have the same value of life.

There are no so-called nobles and there are no so-called untouchables.

On the one hand, people keep talking about human rights; on the other hand, they turn a blind eye to others’ disasters and misfortunes and even make disasters and misfortunes for others. These people are talking bullshit. They are garbage in the guise of pseudo-democracy and pseudo-human rights.

There is no any difference between African refugees and those abandoned infants with severe congenital diseases in value of life.

It is nonsense to talk about human rights before figuring out cardinal questions of right and wrong for big disasters in the world. That’s almost a heretical idea. I believe that everyone has the right to pursue happiness.

Congenital major diseases are the fault of God rather than the fault of young married couples. Such fault should be fixed by God. Young couples have no obligation to suffer from it.

We should not allow a child with some congenital major disease destroy a family’s happiness.

I personally suggest that a child with some congenital major disease should be sacrificed humanely two weeks after birth. If his or her parents insist on adopting their kid, they should pay for wasting of social resources.

The fault of God should be assumed by God. He should give a healthy kid to young couples so that they have the freedom to pursue happiness.

If the parents finally decide to abandon their kid two weeks after birth, it is feasible to take the kid to a government adoption agency, but the parents should receive proper punishment for their fault at that time.

The safety island of abandoned children presents a progress, but it is just a halfway progress.