91、Anti-corruption, Anti-porn, and Economic Development

27 April 2014

At present, the Chinese government is in the fight against corruption. Some of my government customers complained to me that they used to have dinner and send gifts. But they don’t have any welfare this year, instead, they have to pay out of their own pockets.

Some of my other clients in catering services also said that business is not as good as before. The phenomena of doing recreational activities using public funds are gone. The consumption of ordinary people is limited.

Moreover, according to today’s news, anti-pornography campaign in Dongguan gives rise to low consumption.

I’m not against pornography and not against the consumption by public funds. The prostitution in China is different from sex slaves in Eastern Europe. Sex slaves belong to gangdom behaviour that violates human rights seriously, which should be cracked down. Most of the prostitution in China is a means of making a living.

If discussing pornography, keeping a mistress is much worse. Why don’t you crack down? As to those hotel prostitutes, they only make a few hundred yuan each time, which belongs to the retail. On the other hand, keeping a mistress means having sex every day and the mistress can make a few hundred thousand per year, which belongs to large-scale wholesale trade. If the retail on the street is illegal, why would mistress wholesale trade be legal? How does this make sense?

The only explanation is face-saving project and image project. Street-based sex trade destroys the glorious image of the government. However, keeping a mistress belongs to backroom deals, which has no direct relationship with the government image.

It is known that prostitution spurs economic development, promotes employment, and provides some people the opportunity to make a living. But China’s traditional culture makes it impossible to have a single person raise the hand and support prostitution. People only oppose from the legal level or the surface of the officer.

I’m not against pornography and I will not support it either. From the interests of the people, it needs fair discussion and study and needs to be legalised.

Before wiping out pornography, all the mistresses and who keep mistresses should be arrested and sentenced. Rich people can have sex every day, but those who lack of money will be cracked down and sentenced for one-time sex. This is unfair. This is discrimination. This is the psychological of hate poor and worship rich. One may steal a horse, while another may not look over the hedge.

Then let’s discuss paying with public funds.

According to China’s traditional culture, Chinese people prefer saving rather than consumption. ‘Rearing children for old age, store up grain against famine.’ Ordinary people don’t like spending, so only the government can pay with public funds. At least, it makes sense logically. If no one consume, what’s the point of having factories?

As China’s economy is indeed deformity, our government attempts to adjust the consumption structure and make reform. The government does not want more money to flow to the real estate, instead, it should flow to the entity economy. Of course, the government has the government’s plan. But I have my opinion. Maybe after the adjustment of the government, Chinese economy will be on a path to the healthy development. I hope so.

But now it really has some effect.