89、The Third Plenary Session

16 November 2013

Our leaders ambitiously made a lot of proposals on reform during the third plenary session, with more thorough efforts than my expectation. They had a great number of wonderful visions. However, how the visions will develop in the face of the hideous nature of humans only can be proven by time.

However, I believe the Chinese are very clever, so are our leaders. They would not have pushed ahead with the reform if they are incapable of doing that. I think they were confident to pull off the visions. However, it was sure that there would be difficulties, as humans are hideous, selfish, and dirty in nature. The people with vested interests want to maintain the interests forever.

People only admit two things, say, power and money, can be the topics of their talks with others, who will fall on deaf ears about anything else.

I proposed to separate ownership from management many years ago, in a bid to enable the Communist Party to regain economic power. That was driven by interests. People who understood that would follow my proposal. Therefore, the aircraft carrier could adjust its direction without moving.

I really don’t know what I should say till today. It’s time for our leaders to say.

Sometimes, I think that only after Chairman Mao and Stalin killed many people could others understand what they were talking. Maybe that was a helpless choice. I don’t want things to be like that.

I hope to turn wonderful visions into an ideological culture, promote them into everything in everyone’s daily life, and this is a culture.

I hope people with comprehension can spread my article to enable your compatriots to understand what humans should do, what they shouldn’t, and which kind of society and social system they should establish. Only after we overcome the dirtiness and hideousness in nature by virtue of a reasonable social system, as well as reasonable relations between different people, people and society, and people and nature can we truly share the common prosperity amid co-existence.

I don’t want to see such a sad day. If you really don’t understand, or don’t want to understand what I am talking, I don’t have anything to talk with you then. If you are unlucky to block the development of human civilisation, the society, and the earth either on or without purpose, the outcome will be awful. People are negligible, dirty, and hideous.