88、Reform Needs Awakening and Support of the People

The prime minister said that reform needs the awakening and support of the people.

Reform of China some time ago acknowledged, protected, and mobilised the elite, privileged class of interests, contribution, and enthusiasm to achieve.

But today, the reform into the deep water area, the contributions of the elite, privileged class are obvious. However, the negative impact has become increasingly evident. Social progress and deepening of reform, which need to adjust to their interests, limit their interest right away.

This time, the elite, the privileged class has shown some annoying behaviours.

Looking for a leftist bastard came to power and once again launched the cultural revolution, which is that simple-minded, well-developed limbs who inertia of thinking.

Protecting and safeguarding the interests of the people of the bottom, and adjusting the elite interests are in need of reform.

It is not anticipate that only by the elite and privileged themselves to do it. People at the bottom are all simple-minded brawn, well-developed limbs. Otherwise they will not be the bottom of the social groups.

The only result is the cultural revolution if you let them move up. No other choice, because they lack knowledge. In addition to beating, smashing, looting, murder and arson, they do nothing, know nothing.

We must mobilise and rely on the bottom of people if we want to continue to reform, genuine reform. When we launched, rely on subaltern, we need to teach them what to do and what not to do.

Now, those in power are only using state-capitalist ideology to govern the country. But they did not dare to promote state capitalism. At the same time, they dare not let state capitalism as the national religion and educate the people what is state capitalism.

In this case, the underlying best condition is to maintain the status quo. If state capitalism is not an important cultural ideology, deeply rooted Zagreb root in people’s mind, all made in China after decades since the revolution will later return to the origin.

If the people at the bottom do not know what state capitalism, what a country should do, what to support, and what the opposition is, then they would not need to dominate any revolution. Because the results of their revolution is to make chaos, civilisation backwards, loss of life, and which does not make any sense. A group of rogues get rid of another group of hooligans, and then they continue to be a rogue.

Whether left, right, separation of powers, elections democracy thoughts to be implemented in China, they must be based on state capitalism above. Otherwise, we still continue to maintain homeostasis. Do not try anything, do nothing. No matter what they do will lead to chaos, loss of life and will only last for decades. If state capitalism is not an ideology and culture, a universal inherent culture, then anything is false, everything is clouds.

The left and the right, if you really understand what I say, want to do something for the people at the bottom, the only way is to educate them, to give them rights, which is the only way to solve the underlying problem of the interests, but also is a prerequisite to engaged in political reform in China. Otherwise, do nothing, what do not think. No matter what will cause chaos, loss of life.