86、What Is ‘Endurance’? ‘Endurance’ Is an Evil Thought

What is ‘endurance’? ‘Endurance’ is an evil thought.

There is the spirit of Bushido in Japan, and ninja. Japanese ninjutsu is well-known around the world. In terms of Japanese culture, Japanese practice and understanding of ‘endurance’ is the best. However, it’s unexpected that some Chinese organisations should take ‘endurance’ as their motto.

First of all, Chinese people’s understanding of ‘endurance’ is superficial, nothing like the Japanese. ‘Endurance’ is, psychologically, suppressing temporarily the present emotion, mostly painful, by will, waiting for later revenge.

Although there is Buddhism in Japan, the concept of ‘endurance’ is definitely not orthodox Buddhism. There is no such concept as ‘endurance’ in real Buddhism, sometimes only a transition in personal spiritual practice, which is only a tool for people in the early stage of spiritual practice.

For ‘endurance’ is temporarily, there is still revenge and payback someday. There is no clue of revenge and payback in ‘emptiness’.

Orthodox disciples of Buddhism pursuit practice of ‘emptiness’, instead of ‘endurance’. And the level of seeing and reaching ‘emptiness’ can’t be achieved by those ordinary old men and women who have nothing to do and is beyond their understanding. They can only have the idea of simple practice of doing well. So in terms of Buddhism or religion, ‘endurance’ is an evil thought.

Religions with ‘endurance’ as their motto must be cults. It calls on people to take revenge on the society, which is typically evil.

An internet user asked me, ‘Isn’t it right to “endure” when you see a beauty on the road? Isn’t it necessary to “endure”?’

What is ‘endurance’ under such circumstance?

You saw a beauty you like very much, but your reason told you not to be impulsive, and you should keep propriety and observe discipline. So you temporarily suppressed your lust for the beauty and then went to looking for other ways of vent, like porn sites, or other alternatives to vent your feelings for the beauty. This is what’s called ‘endurance’.

But orthodox Buddhism way is ‘emptiness’.

An orthodox Buddhism disciple will tell himself when seeing a beauty he likes very much, ‘Women are tigers’, thus dispelling his feeling for the beauty. There is nothing, which is called ‘emptiness’.