84、Why Do Some People Always Object to Economists?

Nowadays, some people do not understand the economy, do not study economy, and do not know economists, but they maliciously slander economists only because economists do not support them. It is a very shameless behaviour and shall be spurned by the world.

From the objective perspective, economists are not bad kids. They are just fulfilling their responsibilities.

Many people know the story of ‘Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp’. In a certain sense, economists are the Djinni who can help the master of the Wonderful Lamp to realise his dreams.

Although, ‘Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp’ is not a fairy tale of China, it is a well-known story.

A lot of fairy tales are rich in profound philosophy, instead of making children happy, but only few people can actually understand the oracle of the fairy tales.

The Wonderful Lamp is an object, while Djinni is omnipotent. However, Djinni also has no feelings. He only serves the master of the Wonderful Lamp, and he does not care about who is the master, it does not matter if prince or witch, justice or evil.

Djinni has the following three characteristics:
1. Omnipotent.
2. No feelings.
3. The master slave.

However, economists totally conform to these three characteristics. Therefore, they are Djinni.

1. Economists can make money for their masters, and money answers all things.

2. Economists are inhumane, and they only serve and work for the Wonderful Lamp and for the masters of the Wonderful Lamp. They don’t care about whom the master is and what the purpose of the master is. Their responsibility is to help the master of the Wonderful Lamp to realise his dreams—money answers all things. They can provide masters with the omnipotent money, namely, realise the dreams of the master.

3. Why are they called as slaves? Because slaves make money relying on their masters, and slaves are faithful to their masters. Masters cannot be replaced by slaves.

What is the Wonderful Lamp? It is the ownership of capital.

The ownership of capital is divided into the capital of the capitalists and the public capital.

At the beginning of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, especially at the period of Chairman Mao cutting the tail of capitalism, the public capital basically accounted for 100% while the private capital was 0.

However, Chairman Mao was not capable of operating and managing enterprises, and he could only lead the workers of state-owned enterprises to belly-worship; share bonus, houses, and benefits; discourage workers’ enthusiasm; and force them to be discorded, and no one was willing to work. The public capital was insolvency, and the government was verge of bankruptcy. They could only throw off burden and sell the state-owned enterprises.

At the beginning of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, it can be said as the period of possessing the largest state-owned capital. Chairman Mao held Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp with hands, but took the economic men into cowshed to be reformed through labour. He did not understand how to use capital and he considered capital as enemy, thus, the best capital operation opportunity was missed.

Nowadays, the state-owned capital is spent and wasted by the workers. The state-owned capital has to reform on the edge of bankruptcy and during the almost completely annihilated period. The capital changed from the state-owned capital to the private capital. Chairman Mao regarded the capital as an enemy and persecuted Djinni, while capitalists took him as the distinguished guest.

Economists are not serving for the capitalists, but they are serving for the capital. It is just like that doctors do not serve for the health people, but they only serve for the patients. It is not that doctors favour a certain patient by birth and are willing to serve for a certain patient, but their work object is patient. Properly speaking, doctors’ work object is illness. It is just like that the work object of economists is capital. Doctors serve for the people who are illness, while economists serve for the people who have capital.

It is just like the ancient allusions. The coffin shops’ bosses wish somebody die, while carriages and horses shops’ bosses wish somebody to be rich. It is not because coffin shops’ bosses are vicious by birth, but their work object is the dead person. Moreover, it is not because the carriages and horses shops’ bosses are benevolent by birth and wish people to be rich, but because they will have businesses once somebody is rich.

Economists said a lot of words that are not favoured by somebody when Chairman Mao abandoned capital and the private enterprises’ bosses mastered the capital. It is not because economists want to take somebody as enemies by birth, but because Chairman Mao actively abandoned capital and abandoned the work object of economists. The public capital abandoned Djinni. While the private capital accepted, respected them and put them in the important position. It is because Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp were serving for the capitalists.

In the final analysis, it is Chairman Mao who made the mistake.

Fortunately, nowadays, leaders timely stopped the last batch of the state-owned enterprises to be privatised and learned to apply and protect the public capital. It is the lucky in the unfortunates.

If economists understand the times, they shall consider how to help the country to operate the public capital, making the public capital to be bigger and stronger. Otherwise, economists are unappreciative and make things unclear.

And indeed, it is the fact.