82、Chinese Democracy Will Begin from the Imposition of Inheritance Tax

The gap between the rich and the poor is widening, which can be solved in an easy way by taxing the rich to help the poor.

Now the poor live under high pressures, and the greatest of which will be their children’s education.

Although China provides the nine-year free compulsory education, the high school and university education will also cost much. The imposition of inheritance tax on the rich, the exemption of high school and college education cost, the increase of scholarships and grants subsidies mean to subsidise tens of thousands of Renminbi for the poor, to give the poor an equal access to education, and to increase the social competitiveness of the poor. Thus, the wealth gap will be narrowed fundamentally.

The biggest gap between the rich and the poor is the capital disparity at birth. Some children are born with fortune, while some with debt. Imposing high inheritance tax can lower the gap by a half from birth.

Education subsidies can make all the people stand on the same starting line when embarking on a community.

The poor in China should know what they should strive for and fight against to safeguard their own interests. It is foolish to kill children or jump to death.

All democratic countries are imposing the inheritance tax, so China should start from the imposition of the inheritance tax to develop into a democracy country.