81、Strongly Supporting the Imposition of High Inheritance Tax at Once

The son of the robber always robs, of the poor is always poor, and of the rich is always rich.

It is true that social resources are not distributed equally at birth. However, it is easy to solve this problem—to impose high inheritance tax like Western countries.

This argument seems to have been heard in our country, but it has never been implemented somehow just like the disclosure of the official property.

That’s because both the disclosure of the official property and the imposition of high inheritance tax will absolutely affect the fundamental interests of officials and tycoons. Perhaps the Chinese government is too rich to tax the ordinary citizens, lest being scolded. However, it is not to tax the ordinary citizens, but the rich people this time.

Usually, the social issues are needed to consider when taxing the ordinary citizens, but taxing the rich people will be an exception.

I friendly remind ‘the man on behalf the interests of the people’ that they should not swagger and bully the small retailers and should not always pretend to be pitiable when taxing the rich a little according to the international practice.

I suggest that 50% of inheritance tax should be imposed on the rich. These taxes will be taken as state-owned assets, which can be arbitrarily administrated by the state to solve numerous contradictions and problems in our country.

The exemption of the inheritance tax on the rich is the most serious kind of corruptions for ‘the man on behalf the interests of the people’, which is the collective corruption. The imposition of inheritance tax is to consolidate the foundation of socialism and realise communism.

There are a lot of people claiming to be ‘Maoists’ or ‘leftists’ on the network. I think they are just some of tricksters under the name of ‘Maoists’ or ‘leftists’. They have never considered the fundamental interests and the best benefits of working people. All of them play the fool or the dumb on the issues relating to the fundamental interests of the people.

It’s time for you to speak out. You should strongly support the imposition of high inheritance tax at once, so as to connect with the world.