80、Chinese People Need Human Rights or Interests?

You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

Democracy and interests of people are too similar concepts, but are different in nature, and sometimes clash with each other. Under many circumstances, a person can only have one.

Now, Chinese people are rich enough to speculate in stocks, with which they are now familiar. If you have stocks that are worth 1 million RMB, does it mean that you really have 1 million RMB in your pocket? People in the stock market know that the answer is uncertain. You may become richer after several days, or lose every dime. Only if you transfer your stocks into hard currency can you say you have 1 million RMB for sure.

Democracy is like the stocks, the future price may rise or fall. It is always uncertain and cannot be predicted. It is like fortune-telling or just deceitful trick.

Interests of people are hard currency.

They are practical benefits that people can touch, feel, and use on food, housing, transportation, marriage, and other related issues.

Therefore, those who boast about human rights but remain silent on people’s interests are either ill-minded frauds or manipulative schemers. They take advantage of the weakness of human nature and deceive common people to achieve their unspeakable purposes.

However, human nature is such, greedy, ignorant, and complacent. The sacrifice people make only benefits others. Only those who help people gain benefits whole-heartedly, who represent and maintain people’s interests, are the true hope of people.

The concept of human rights is a hollow one. Frauds who deceive people take advantage of people’s imagination to achieve their purposes.

For example, they always tell some ignorant people—you give me 10,000 RMB today, you will get 20,000 RMB or more tomorrow.

That is also what democracy advocates do: you vote for me today, you will get more tomorrow. What exactly will people get tomorrow? That is just a hollow promise that will never be fulfilled. However, things done by those who mean to help people gain benefits and protect people’s benefits are visible and tangible.

To cancel agricultural tax is to protect people’s interests.

To ensure health care for everyone is to protect people’s interests.

To make compulsory education free is to protect people’s interests.

To use profits of state-owned enterprises on employees’ social insurance is to protect people’s interests.

To allocate state apparatus for assistance during disasters is to protect people’s interests.

You want the uncertain stocks or hard currency? You want frauds or cash? You do the math yourselves.