79、The Violence by Yang Jia Proves the Evil Nature of the Right Wing

The story of Yang Jia is actually very simple:

Yang Jia went to travel in Shanghai, he rented a bike that was actually a stolen one and was confiscated by police, and he was in the Public Security Bureau as a thief and suffered a little bit. After he went out, he thought himself wronged and asked for compensation but failed. He behaved in a vicious and unrestrained way and became frenzied that he killed six policemen to revenge on society. Ultimately he was sentenced to death and immediate execution.

On the internet, the right wing expresses their sympathies to Yang Jia and accuses the public security organisation to infringe upon human rights of Yang Jia, which results in losing control of his emotions to kill six policemen. They deserve their fate, for Yang Jia deserves the right to revenge on society and policemen infringe the human rights at first.

My comments on this are as follows:

There doesn’t have bike-renting business in Shanghai at all, so it is very susceptible where Yang Jia rent the bike, for it would not be rent from formal shops, but rather, it was ‘rented’ from the black market, which is an illegal behaviour that the law doesn’t protect. So it is perfectly reasonable to be decided by public security organisation as stealing bike or disposal of stolen goods. For the sake of protecting the public security of the whole society, the public security organisation strikes against crimes and theft and disposal of stolen goods, which is a perfectly reasonable and lawful and righteous behaviour.

The bike that Yang Jia got in an illegal way is a cooperative crime behaviour by itself, and he was caught by the public security organisation to be punished severely is a sure thing. If spending money to buy the stolen bike and renting the stolen bike are not decided as crime, then our society will become the crime haven. The stolen goods by thieves are used for changing hands, there’s no such a thing that after thieves steal bikes, they ride them in the street.

Fighting against harbouring stolen goods and disposal of stolen goods by the public security organisation is just to protect people’s interests.

For this kind of getting something for nothing by thieves: As to the rat’s running across the street, it should have cracked down and specially harming the neighbourhood. As to myself, two of my electric motorbikes were stolen. My feeling then was they should be executed immediately when they were caught. For when these dregs of society and scum of a community are alive, they are just wasting social resources rather than die clean.

Maybe when the public security organisation was handling the thieves, they didn’t mention the human rights of the thieves, they infringed the rights of the rats running across the street, making the mentality of the undesirables who were contaminated by the right wing stimulated. Under the glorious guidance of the right wing, these rats running across the street veritably become the democratic fighters and freedom soldiers, forgetting their scoundrels’ identity and they are the accomplice of thieves.

The evidence of the evilness of the right wing 1 – rat running across the street = democratic fighter = accomplice of thieves stealing the bike.

It is a glorious mission for the public security organisation to protect the property of the people and struggle against crimes. When it is spoken from the mouths of the democratic personnel, it becomes the evil root of human rights infringement. What on earth is more worthy, the people’s interests or the human rights of thieves? The human rights of the painstaking labourers or the rights of the rats who breaks the law and runs across the street?

The evidence of the evilness of the right wing 2 – protecting the property of the people = struggling against crimes = infringing human rights = deserving one’s punishment = death is not to be regretted.

Yang Jia’s assault on police officers can clearly see the evil nature of the right wing and its damages as well as contaminations on human nature, making people lose the basic conscientiousness and sense of justice.