78、The Corruption in China Is Mainly Caused by the Left

The Left mostly possesses a characteristic—simple mind and developed limbs.

They mostly boast their excellence in class origin—the poorer, the more revolution, the poorer, the more glory, the poorer, the more reasonable.

Therefore the Left sympathises the workers and peasants, especially the laid-off workers and migrant workers.

In addition, their political level basically doesn’t have much difference to laid-off workers and migrant workers—this is called having mass base.

Why saying that the Left is simple-minded? There is a most basic standard—views on humanity.

Most of the mongolism children laugh foolishly all day; they inexplicably treat all people very friendly with extreme trust, whether they know them or not. They always giggle no matter if they treat him good or bad.

Why do we say that the fox and the cat family animals are intelligent? Because they particularly guard against all others, even keep a distance from very familiar ones. They think all others may attack them.

All that admit theory of original goodness of human nature are all simple-minded, only slightly better than weak intelligence.

All that identify with theory of original evil of human nature are thinking normally, they have the least judging ability.

What most making the Left’s blood boil is—‘You work, I rest assured’. This is the fundamental logic of the Left. And the ‘If you use a man, don’t suspect him; if you suspect him, don’t use him’ is also the Left’s logic. The Left has no earning ability but their ability to spend money is biggest.

They eat up, dissipate all, grab all, and cheat all of the state-owned enterprises.

Why the corruption in China is rampant? It’s just originated from ‘You work, I rest assured’.

‘You work, I rest assured’ is coming from the’ Theory of original goodness of human nature’. So it can’t be wrong to say that the corruption in China is caused by the Left.