77、The Rationality of Unequal Social Status

16 February 2016

As far as I am concerned, there should be two kinds of concepts. One is for the ignorant masses who are fit for Confucianism since they cannot understand sophisticated theories. The other is for the wise who can adapt to the law of jungle, which they have innately understood.

As long as their thought is free, people can make independent choice.

This is just like a sheep for the grass and a wolf for the sheep. Each knows his needs. The Confucianism completely reverses the law of the jungle just like the state of feminine tenderness and masculine features. From my point of view, people can bear two thoughts in mind with different handling ways. In this case, they can judge for themselves which one is the optimal.

Those who favour one thought while neglecting the other will be defective in personality. Therefore cowardice and foolhardiness are not perfect.

It is traditional Chinese aesthetics that one should be courageous and prudent. Courage means masculine and the law of the jungle, while prudence refers to delicacy, convincing others by reasoning, and winning the game by strategies. Thus Chinese people should integrate both of them.

The Indian caste system represents two cultures and the combination of two thoughts. Those with low-grade caste are contented in poverty and devoted to things spiritually while the people of higher caste master the law of the jungle. Anyway, they co-exist peacefully.

The caste system may be not scientific in all cases since intelligence, morale, and social status are not completely related to it even though there are some links. There should be other factors.

What’s reasonable is that a society should tolerate the existence of different classes. Some people are wise and noble while some are humble. Those lofty people may be smart, virtuous, and thoughtful, so they enjoy higher social status with strong capabilities to a supreme degree. However, some are degrading with demoralisation, low intelligence, and weak abilities as well as logical judgment, so they cannot perceive objects correctly. They are less skilful and vulnerable in the society with hostility to the public and God to a hellish degree.

It is preposterous to grant two kinds of people with the equal rights.

Democracy can protect the evil and heresy to some extent.

Skilful people learn how to be merciful while the less-incapable know their distance to obey the rule. This is the scientific, sensible, and just social management and social relations.

If those highly competent do not cherish others, they should be blamed. Those with poor capabilities being hostile to the society should be blown ruthlessly.

Human beings are filthy, especially those inferior groups with low intelligence or skills, who will by all means make troubles and niggle to vainly attempt to get what they don’t deserve.

I have profoundly understood that some people will absurdly try to change the will of God by creating disturbances.


God has promised Palestinians to the Jews thousands of years ago and wrote it in the Bible while some confused inferior people fantasy throwing stone, stinging the civilians with knives, and pretending hunger strike to threaten and challenge God for compromise. Those foolish animals!

God creates the land, so he has the right and will to divide it. It is not Palestinians that bring the wealth, thus you have to follow God with no right to express discontent.

What you have created by yourselves can be on your hand. What God has created belongs to him forever, thus he has the full right to grant anyone. It is the gift and authority of God.

It is evil to blasphemy the Bible and revolt against God. Why haven’t those merciful Jewish kill you?

Troublemakers in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one part of China rather than an independent unit. God has vested the land for Chinese not several Hong Kong people. If you deny this you will end as Palestinians.