76、Property Law Signifies That All Wealth in China Will Be Subjected to the State Council

Property law signifies that all wealth in China will be subjected to the governance of the state council. Since then, any related misconduct is blamed on one unit. Thus there will be fewer disputes.

The Chinese are always fond of disputing over trifles. It means buck-passing, irresponsibility, and lack of responsibility.

Who should be responsible for the collapse of state-owned enterprises? Who will be to blame for the fleeing of greedy officials? Who should be held accountable for overseas unrestricted gambling? And who should condemned for the sacrifice of state-owned enterprises?

One or two formalistic measures won’t deceive the public.

Everyone knows the rule of Chinese government in all ages: bureaucrats shield one another. Once something happens, certainly various departs will be involved. This is the case.

Anything occurring in future, the state council should be the first to be blamed for the primary responsibility and then the party concerned. Ownership means power, but is more about responsibility.

The almighty money has extended its omnipotent hand everywhere regardless of justice while it is only a matter of application.