75、Distribution According to Work Is Equalitarian, and Distribution According to Price is Reasonable

China broke down the equalitarianism in which people received the same treatment regardless of their performance, and then proposed the work-based distribution, i.e., the distribution according to the amount of work.

Work can be interpreted as labour directly. It is an unscientific proposal not much different from the equalitarianism. Work is divided into effective work and ineffective work.

For example, a transnational group CEO works for one hour and a toilet cleaner also works for one hour. A worker in a top-100 enterprise works for one hour and a worker in unprofitable enterprise also works for one hour.

They all work but show totally different work value. Workers create totally different labour value, so their income earned from work should be completely different.

The work of a transnational group CEO may produce a difference of tens of millions, hundreds of millions, and even billions of RMB. In a good case, the enterprise will be prospering with each passing day; while, in a bad case, the enterprise may fail and go bankrupt, and tens of thousands of people may lose their jobs.

The work of these people like CEO creates labour value of hundreds of billions, billions or tens of millions of RMB, so they should get the income of hundreds of thousands, millions, or tens of millions of RMB.

Not to mention the workers in unprofitable enterprises, their labour creates no value at all; instead, they are wasting social resources. Some state-owned enterprises make loans for payoff to prevent workers from unemployment although the enterprises are suffering loss.

These workers are sheer parasites, and they are creating negative value—social pay for the keeping of unprofitable businesses.

Therefore, the distribution according to work is a plot. The distribution according to price is the right choice. The distribution according to the value created by labours and the market value of labour force is the most reasonable. The labour of worker should have a market price in the labour market, such as the price per hour or the price per month. So after enterprise bosses and all these people pay workers according to the market price, the workers have no relationship with the enterprises.

Workers have traded their labour force with bosses and enterprises fairly—workers have received the payment.