74、The Most Disgusting Words in State-owned Enterprise

Sacrifice, ‘I shall sacrifice my youth, I shall sacrifice my descendants, I shall sacrifice my whole life to my great homeland.’

This is the most shameless lie, which calls white black.

Everyone knows the state-owned enterprise is a sinister gang. There is only promotion without demotion, only entry without discharge.

It is obviously the workers want to stay and coast along in state-owned enterprise for their whole life. But they make up such a beautiful lie to deceive public and win reputation.

Free men seek jobs on their own and are self-reliant. Workers of state-owned enterprise rely on government capital. This is the only difference between them.

While the staffs of state-owned enterprise are lazy, parasitic, and indolence, they drag down the business. They are sinners through the ages.

On the other hand, free men didn’t participate in the contemptible dragging-down progress. So they are the master of state and are the most innocent.


The master of state is also one of the most contemptible lie. They thought they are the master, so they find a perfect excuse for many awful things such as below:

Because they are masters, they have the right to show up for work but do nothing.

Because they are masters, they can only be promoted, can’t be demoted.

Because they are masters, they can only be employed, can’t be discharged.

Because they are masters, they can pretend sickness and leave office.

Because they are masters, they can sneak away and do personal things.

Because they are masters, they can malinger with salary.

Because they are masters, they share the welfare and get each penny.

Because they are masters, they can be allotted house without blush.

Because they are masters, their bonus can only be raised.

Are they the masters of state-owned enterprise?

Does the state-owned enterprise belong to them?

How can they exploit national people?

Please remember, the state-owned enterprise belongs to 1.3 billion national people. Everyone should have the profit, and no one can be ignored. As for the one who drags down the enterprise, they should compensate for our people.

The staffs of state-owned enterprise are corrupt and exploit our national people. Therefore, they should be dismissed and hire our free men instead.

Only the labourer makes the fortune. The capitalists squeeze labourers and do nothing.

This is the most ridiculous lie by Marx. There are many elements to create a fortune:

1. Funds

2. Technology

3. Market

4. Management

5. Labour

We can see, labour is only one factor to make a fortune. Moreover, the capitalist bought the labour from labour market by equal-value exchange.

It is the capitalists that give value on labourers.

The work value of a labourer can only be recognised by capitalists. Otherwise he is producing rubbish, not creating a fortune.

To call a revolution, Marx told the biggest whopper that labourer makes the fortuneHe calls white black.