72、It’s Suggested That China Announce All Corrupt Officials Fleeing to Other Countries and Post a Reward on Chasing and Killing Them

It’s just ridiculous that the country cannot do anything to punish so many corrupt officials fleeing to other countries.

Corrupt officials fleeing to other countries should be sentenced to death for treason. Anyone can enforce the law. Since the authority finds it inconvenient, there are many who can do it. Just as the saying goes, generous rewards rouse one to heroism. No-cost deal will bring about more heroes.

While the authority cannot handle corrupt officials, they are extraordinarily brave and smart against their people.

It is said that Chinese people always have infighting. It’s true.

It’s not that they cannot do it; it’s that they don’t want to do it.

The Communist Party of China promises to represent the interests of the people, so it’s entitled to manage money matters for the people. Now the money is stolen by your people. Therefore, you owe people an explanation.

Kill them.

Why are officials so unscrupulous? Because they know if they steal money of private bosses, they will be hunted down; if they steal the country’s money and the people’s money, nobody will question them and nobody will feel distressed.

Just because they know so well the national nature of Chinese people, they are so full of guts.

All in all, it’s the fault of Chinese people and they deserve being bullied. Before liberation, they were bullied by foreign imperialist powers and now they are bullied by traitors.

All people mind their own business and play it safe. Ultimately Chinese people are tied up by varied feudal ethical codes and ideologies, and don’t have any courage and uprightness at all. They don’t know what justice is and how to uphold justice.

The man has a clear-cut stand on what to love and what to hate. He extends gratitude to those who help them and revenges on enemy.

Those who steal people’s money and are beheaded no matter how far they are chased are real men.

It is agreed that the Communist Party will be the boss if it is able to deal with any trouble that happens.

Domestic corruption and officials fleeing with money are completely two issues of different nature. Domestic corruption is a vulnerability of domestic finance management and a problem of financial distribution. No matter how greedy corrupt officials are, they spend money in China and the difference is that the money finally belongs to whom.

For instance, a corrupt official takes a bribe of RMB 20 million, buys one house and one car, and has three mistresses. The money will be owned by automobile dealers, real estate developers and Chinese people. Their consumption drives domestic demand. The masses cannot get any benefit and they are unsatisfied.

Yet, fleeing with money is totally different with domestic corruption. It’s the updated version of bribery and corruption. They know soon or later they will come to light so they take a drastic measure to end it and flee to foreign countries. By doing so, there’s no law against them.

At the moment when they transfer money to foreign countries, the money no longer belongs to Chinese people. No matter how they spend it abroad, Chinese people won’t benefit at all. It will only increase national income of other countries who are competitors of China. Contributing to China’s competitors will do no good to any Chinese person.

Hence, fleeing with money and domestic corruption are totally different contradictions. Fleeing with money is the most severe corruption and the most serious loophole of China.

To put it simply, if a husband snatches the meat in his wife’s bowl, it’s called domestic corruption. If a husband takes his wife’s money and elopes with another woman, it’s fleeing with money.

The two are completely different. Hence, fleeing with money is treason and betrayal of family.

When corrupt officials flee to other countries, they collude with family members to transfer national property. Their families are accomplice and should be sentenced to death as well. Accordingly, only when all their families are killed, justice is upheld and the interests of the people are safeguarded.

If the authority feels it’s not suitable to send agents to enforce law abroad, they can sentence them to death in domestic trial and then post a reward on their death—anyone can kill them and immediately get the immense reward. The reward can be one tenth of the money which they take with them. Therefore, the more bribe they take, the sooner they will die.

However, if they can surrender right away and return money to people, they can be exempted from death and even won’t be held accountable. What people want is still money, not their lives.

Generous rewards rouse one to heroism. They will be hunted down by gangsters of the whole world and they are bound to die.

In order to safeguard the interests of its capitalists, US can randomly dispatch troops to sovereignty countries. Even Hitler has a reason to extinguish a race.

Chinese people just want to kill two traitors but cannot have any reason, which is so ridiculous.

It’s not that the authority cannot put their hands on it; instead, it’s because the masses don’t have the concept of safeguarding their legal rights. If China can get such amount of money back, how many children can go to school for free? What’s the greatest interest of the masses? They themselves don’t understand it. What a pity!

As long as several traitors are killed, the rest will return with their remaining money undoubtedly.

More importantly, nobody will dare flee again. This is the greatest interest of people and the country as well.