71、1.3 Billion Chinese People, 1.3 Billion Minds

China has 1.3 billion populations, each has his/her own mind.

South Korean would commit happy dispatch, conduct self-burning protest and cut-finger protest against Japan’s declaration of sovereignty for Dokdo.

Chinese will never do this.

China is in a state of disunity, which is objective fact.

Apart from centralisation of power, Chinese people will not buy into any story. China needs centralisation of power, which means Chinese people need an emperor.

Democracy, human rights and liberty are rubbish and poison in China.

Chinese peasants are the best-behaved people in the world. As long as not being driven to the wall, they will not ask for anything. Democracy, liberty and human rights are nonsense to Chinese civilians, what they need is just needs a little bit money to live and work in peace. The government that drives Chinese peasants desperate is the most incapable government.

Intending to call on Chinese people to do something with democracy, liberty, and human rights is in vain since nobody will take the notice of it. Except being punished by the people’s government, no good outcome will be generated.

For progressives who sincerely want to do something good to Chinese people, making fuss of centralisation of power and despotism are what they really should do. Otherwise, they will get no agreeable face from the Chinese government or the Chinese people, and bring contempt upon themselves.

I’m not intending to strike on anyone, just saying the truth.

Study on theories about Chinese people without knowing them is just like building a palace in the desert, you will get nothing apart from experiencing what is bitter.