70、Ethnic Integration Policy

The reason is simple why there have been wars and strife on earth since the ancient times. It lies behind the conflicts of interest between regions, ethnicities, and parties. And ethnicities and races play largely a negative impact as the main cause of the conflicts.

Why there is strife between ethnicities and races? The main reason is the huge discrepancy between them in language, faith, lifestyle, custom, economy, region, with language the most important one.

Communication can’t be achieved due to language barrier. Even though the promotion of mandarin Chinese had gains some effect, as long as there is the language difference, there is always an intangible barrier among people with different languages, which is difficult to bridge. It is an intangible barrier in people’s heart.

There is a good explanation in the Bible of how the barrier came to exist. The Bible read, God was afraid that people would be ever successful with the same language, so he made them speak different languages overnight, thus driving them apart and wars arose.

It’s a legend, almost a myth, which cannot be verified. But the reason in it is true—it is the discrepancy and barrier among people that generate conflicts and strife, resulting in human disasters.

Human disasters are rooted in discrepancy.

Smart-aleck and always arrogant, humans take it for granted that they are master of the earth only because they have mastered advanced high-tech technologies, which is ridiculous in that advanced technologies can only take them into more dangerous situations. Conflicts are only swords when there was no nuclear power before, with the result of at most loss of lives while now the society is so advanced and things have get out of control that a city, even a country can be razed to ground all at once.

It can’t be said that people are not improved, but their smart heads are always full with tricks of how to be stronger, tougher, and more powerful than the other. Only then can they get a good sleep.

They are only thinking about how to escalate the conflict, instead of settling it radically to conciliate the conflict and hatred.

Since the root of human conflict is the discrepancy between ethnicities and races, to solve the conflict is to eliminate it.

How to achieve it? It’s very simple—interracial marriage, which simply means marriage between men and women who belong to different races, then giving birth to children.

First of all, whether giving birth to a child or not is one of the basic human rights, which the modern society, a civilised society should respect and protect. And of course the nation can’t force somebody to bear a baby with someone else.

Secondly, humans are higher animals with their own thoughts. Marriage and childbirth, the biggest thing in one’s life, can’t be manipulated by others.

What’s considered crazy in capitalist countries is an achievable goal in a socialist country. Why? By what? Government capital.

A real socialist country should be one that represents the interest of the whole nation, holding most of the capital of the nation—government capital. There is a saying, ‘Money makes the mare go’, which may be vulgar but the reason in which is true that money is too powerful to be neglected, and there are even situations where guns are useless while money can easily get things done. For example, the problem of ethnic integration by large-scale interracial marriage mentioned above can be solved by government capital if used properly.

It is illegal and infringes on human rights to force people to marry one of different race with guns, but it is legal and reasonable to induce people to do it with money.

How to induce? Here are some of my ideas for reference:

1. China can adjust its one-child policy, like one child for spouse from the same ethnicity, no matter they are Han people or minorities. And there is no limitation for spouse from difference ethnicities, and the more the better with national support of fiscal subsidies and special care.

2. Propaganda of racial marriage to form the consensus of the glory of it.

3. Racial marriage as political duty to exam cadres.

4. There should be some positions reserved for ethnic minorities in state-owned enterprises, with the house allocated and requirement for them to leave their home to live in the city and marry Han people.

5. Free board and lodging is provided in other cities for students of minorities, with arrangement of work and requirement of living their home to marry Han people.

Ethnic integration can combine the nation into a monolith, with no ethnic discrepancy existing within the nation and thus no ethnic conflict at all, leading to a harmonious and perfect country and society.

Especially in unstable districts, the government can introduce policies to award interracial marriage to lead the population structure of these districts into ethnic integration step by step. As long as there are offspring of spouse with one of local ethnic minorities and the other of Han, it will enjoy a lasting peace with no worries.

It is a contribution that could benefit generations, which deserves efforts.

Promotion of Mandarin Chinese is just a necessity for communication, which can’t solve the fundamental conflict of ethnic discrepancy at all. Ethnic discrepancy is regional discrepancy. People take it for granted that the land is theirs because they have stayed there for a long time, such as Tibet and Taiwan, where the local people won’t acknowledge those lands belong to Han or China. This idea can only be changed when they’ve left there and are distributed all over the country.

The increase of interracial marriage is a long-term investment, which is highly profitable and it turns the national consumer behaviour into a national population investment behaviour.

The difference between consumption and investment is that consumption is the behaviour of spending money with no big benefit for the future while investment will bring a ten-thousand-fold profit.

In government capital holding enterprises, government, the capital investor, has the right to arrangement children from interracial marriage to work there, which is proper and right. State-owned enterprises have to hire someone and pay him salary, who would not take full advantage of the rights of a boss?

State-owned enterprises are a part of the national machine, which is quite suitable for solving ethnic problems, otherwise a waste of resources.

The cadres want promotion, so assign them something to do to show themselves by setting target of interracial marriage. It’s a perfect chance to weigh their working ability by interracial marriage.

Interracial marriage can greatly promote business and trade, leading to reasonable flow of social goods and materials, remarkable increase of job opportunities, and effective decrease of region gasp and wealth gap.