69、Whether Petition Letter Should Be Abolished Depends on Its Function

Petition letter is one form of rule by people. So why are officials afraid of petition letters? Why do they try to prevent petition letters? That’s because a petition letter causes the pressure of public opinion and leads promotion trouble to the greedy officials. Therefore they are afraid of petition letters and spare no efforts to prevent the petition letters.

The key to the petition letter system is public opinion supervision of authority. The key lies in whether the supreme decision-making layer of the country wants the public opinion supervision of officials.

If the supreme decision-making layer really wants to make things in order, there are lots of effective and money-saving methods for them to adopt. If the supreme decision-making layer just wants to do some superficial work and does not aim to solve the realistic problems, they can say and do anything they want. As long as everybody knows the fact, it is enough; it is of no use to say more. No one is foolish and everyone is clear about the truth.

I just propose an effective method.

The country sets up central petition letter network in Beijing.

2. The petition letter network is made in the form of a forum. But the forum has authority: only the party and the administrator can make statements; others can do nothing but read.

3. The forum divides the column and the theme zone according to the provinces and cities in China. The events are written in the column of locality. It is clear to know which place has the largest number of petition letter through looking at the quantity.

4. The column displays sub-grade administration. For example, if petitioners begin to propose petition, display the petition title, but the party can see the whole contents. After petitioners propose the petition letter, the central petition letter network displays the petition contents to the local place. After the local government sees it, it can investigate and reply at once. After petitioners see the reply, they can end the petition or propose new evidence to make pleas on the internet. It is all done in secret. The central government can make adjudication according to the reply and evidence of both parties and order the local government to finish it. In addition, the local government should reply the handling results in forum. In this way can the petitioners make reply concerning whether the local government executes the judgment. If the local government refuses to execute the judgment within the stipulated time, make the reply contents public, including the whole process of adjudication and petition of both parties. People in the world can see the dispute and adjudication results of both parties.

5. The reply contents continue to be concealed to the public after the local government finishes ruling and petitioners recognise it. Only petition introductions and handling results are left there.

It is the most effective and easiest method. It is a matter of whether they want to do it rather than a matter of whether they can do it.