68、Let’s Make Up

A Letter to Taiwan Compatriots

October 2004

Hello, Taiwan compatriots, I am a commoner from China Mainland. I do not belong to any party or any organisation, and thus represent nobody but only myself. I have something to say to you because I think it must be said now for your careful consideration.

From ancient history, Taiwan has been part of Chinese dominion. For the Chinese people, it is just a small island, but the respect of the nation. Not handling the matter well would put disgrace to all of us. As a result, the world would find another ground for the labels for China being called ‘inferior nation’ and ‘Sick Man of East Asia’, if it cannot find a way to handle its own domestic affair. That would lead China to an absolute disadvantageous position in any international negotiation.

Let me talk about it in the manner of a common person, not on behalf of anybody but only of myself.

I think one must have some problems in his mind if he still fights for certain ideology in the era of new century, and the one who still deceive others under the banner of ideology must suffer retardation.

The truly smart one holds the goal that is the most practical only for himself, not for anyone else. There is no sage in the world that lives only for anyone else, either it is communism, capitalism, human rights, and democracy. There is no real hero but only the instrument under the control of someone else. Each of us would be leading to others’ pawn, only if we believe in others’ lie and rumour; at the final analysis, I do not believe anyone but only myself.

I will not fight for anyone and only for myself.

If Taiwan gets independence, it would mean the Chinese people are incapable, weak, not solid, and any other country can come to gain some interests from here; in that case, all our future generations will be at others’ mercy. For the interests of our future generations and the whole Chinese nation, CCP has really got a point to equate Taiwan independence to a war. To curb national separation, we must be prepared to a war. The view not only represents CCP, but also the whole Chinese people on China Mainland. The announcement of independence is just the announcement of a war—there must be an equal sign between them.

For my personal intention, I do not want to fight. Nobody is born inclined for a war. But I will never be afraid in face of a war. Anybody may go to die, but there must be a point in it. Anyone whole breaks peace, destroys my home, and leads me and my offspring into disaster would be paid with his life. I hate them and I will cut their head down.

If we have to go to a war for Taiwan, I will be the first to join the army and fight to the end. I have no alternative for my wife and children when you break the peace and destroy my home.

There is one other thing I need to tell you. Since CCP came to lead us, we have never been defeated in a fight. I believe it can be a small case to win the fight with 13 billion against only 20 million.

Anyway, why don’t you want to unify with China Mainland? I understand you perhaps think we are living a poor life. But we all wish to get rich, and perhaps even a fool does not want to return to China Mainland before we get rich. We are all Chinese and we can understand each other.

We are all so smart. Only price is the topic between the smart and only fools come to talk about ideology.

What is democracy and human right? They are all just the gimmick and camouflage. How can they explode Chinese embassy when they are talking about human right, and how can they invade another country if they hold a strong view on democracy? I have seen so much of the gimmick that can be seen everywhere in history books. I do not believe anything except myself. Everything is false in my eyes except the thing that I can see and touch, such as my house, my wife, and my children. I only fight and live for them, and there is no way letting me to be a pawn.

Taiwan compatriots, let’s make it up. Don’t listen to the bullshit of the deceiving politics anymore. Both sides across the strait are calling to be the most democratic, aren’t they? Let’s draw an agreement and see who dare object to it. No matter what is said and what excuse is used, objection to the agreement is an objection to democracy and human right. It is a deception for the whole public and it is a totally false democracy. Our fate is in our own hand. I want to see which side holds the real sense of democracy, China Mainland or Taiwan authority, socialism or capitalism.

Think of your house, your wife, and your children. Let’s reach an agreement, only if we both have the sincerity.

Nothing can’t be reached to reconciliation between brothers. Let’s compromise and bury the hatchet, since we all one family.

I know why you do not return to China Mainland—just because China Mainland is in a poor situation. This is the most practical and fundamental reason. Anything else, like democracy, human right, ideology, and thought are nothing but blind excuses. You always talk about these stupid things until you yourself don’t even believe; as a result, only one thing left that you are so implicit about—money.

If China was as rich as the Western German with gold seen everywhere, and even if you guys could get some even by swimming across the strait, you would never come to deceive us with the so-called ideology and thought. I know you too well; to be more precise, I know the entire human. Never deceive yourselves anymore, be practical and economic, and set a price there, when and under what conditions do you want to return to China Mainland peacefully. We are all brothers, never say those things hurting feelings, such as fight, killing, win, or defeat. There is no point talking about it too frankly.

I ever worked in Taiwan as a top salesman for Mr Chan Yongtai. Taiwan people like bargaining and giving the run-around. Let’s come straight to the point—think of your house, wife, and children and set a minimum price that you can bear in mind.

Let me set a reasonable price.

Before that, I want to emphasise again I belong to no party and do not represent anybody, any organisation, and only the conscience of a Chinese person. Please consider it carefully; I believe the whole public in China Mainland can reach an agreement with you, if the agreement between you and me can be possible. We are all Chinese. No matter how the strong power wishes to separate us, we share the same ancestors and cultural relics; we are all under the deep influence of Confucianism, and the blessing of Mercy Buddha and the God of Wealth. We all know how Yue Fei and Qu Yuan died, so we also know what duty we shall take for our parents, wives, and children. Although we are in the disadvantageous and powerless situation, we must hold our own fate and refuse to be the puppet of the politics and adventurist. We are not fools and the smart only talks about business. Anybody who wants you to be the fool and cannon fodder, fight and kill him. Now I have finished all that I want to say, and let’s sit to talk about business.

I think the conditions are reasonable and fair, and acceptable to us.

Taiwan will return to China Mainland only when at least three big cities in China Mainland have the GDP per capita reaches the average level of the island. Or else, we will never get a result in the issue; when the condition above is not satisfied, China Mainland government shall promise not to use force against Taiwan.

In any circumstances, Taiwan shall never announce independence in a form; or else it can be deemed a war declaration against China Mainland.

When the economic construction and revenue of China Mainland reaches to the level as stipulated in the first article, Taiwan must hand over power to the mainland; or else, it shall be deemed as breach of agreement on Taiwan side. According to the agreement, the people in both Taiwan and mainland have the right and obligation in any approach to kill those who oppose unification in the island and put in joint efforts to achieve national unification.

The Chinese government must promise to retain the current political and economic systems after receiving Taiwan power (except if the local agree), and promise not to persecute the authority military and political staff of Taiwan.

I am offering a peaceful settlement for Taiwan compatriots on my own conscience. I beg your careful consideration for the following merits to you:

Turn cross-strait military competition to economic competition.

Taiwan authority can always find a way to get rid of the bother from the mainland. It just needs to keep its economy in the lead and leave the Taiwan issue aside. Those political shams under the banner ‘For the interest of Taiwan people’ shall turn the money that are designated to purchase weapons to economic construction. Even a fool can do well in buying things to destroy the world, but taking up economic construction and leading the people to rich life are really a technology. People are concerned only about money, not about the independence. If the authority cannot get people rich, they may as well hand over the power.

The mainland government has to push up the economy to recapture Taiwan. We cannot drag someone else down when we can in a messy economic situation. We need to solve Taiwan problem with money and economic power, instead of pushing others down by overwhelming manpower.

Therefore, the proposal can bring the most favourable benefits to the commoners. The commoners can receive the most benefits no matter any side finally win. For the officials, it is the real test for their ability.

It is a really stale practice to convert people’s attention from the messy economy by stirring up a war. We do not need that old practice; instead, we need to put in more efforts to development our economy and avoid the commoners as the cannon fodder.

There is another side who only knows how to pay lip service to the mainland or Taiwan, but what has it really done? We all know I am referring to America who is only crazy about wars. He did that during the Second World War and is still doing it now. It has gained so many benefits from the issue of cross-strait relation, and what’s worse, it remains greedy for more against the conscience. An old-fashioned warship piled just with waste metals was sold even for over 600 billion. How much commissions has the authority gained? Now that you have so much money, you have to cheat the whole Chinese. Are you taking us for a fool trying to fight with the 1.3 billion people with those old and stale warships?

Use money to maintain monopoly and world hegemony, and help Taiwan with economic construction. As long as you can make investment to revive Taiwan economy and keep it in the lead, your ideology and thought will take root forever.

Since CCP led the mainland, China has never suffered any humiliation in wars or defeated to any invaders or separatist plotters. Each inch of the territory represents the respect of the Chinese, with no exception of Taiwan. The announcement of independence shall be seen as the war action. We must win the war of protecting national territory. Chinese commoners have long hated the few corrupt officials and have accumulated enough strength for a fight with all of the anger vented on to the Taiwan separatists.

Never take any hope for independence and, instead, take your time making some money and supporting your family. Never get involved into politics to be used as cannon folders. Remember the principle of being commoners—elect those who give you more money and kill those who want you to fight in a war. It is never wrong to hold such a principle (except the war against the national traitors and foreign invaders).

The third article is of course easy to comprehend.

Once the agreement is reached, we must keep it. Anyone has the right to punish those who breach the agreement and fool the public on both sides and even the whole Chinese nation. We are all businessmen who put honesty above all and bear top hatred for the dishonest. But I think only idiots can take the risk of breaking the public wish; of course, I don’t hope there are any idiots who make that happen.

The fourth article is the consistent practice of the Chinese government to solve regional dispute. As it is implemented nationwide, I will not say much about it here. It is just that some Taiwan separatists are trying every means to even the old scores against CCP and blacken the image of CCP. Here I’d like to say something fair. Anyone who breaks the agreement is turning the people as enemy. Agreement holds a position above all in business; the Chinese government also needs to maintain its international image, refuse to break promises, and make enemies with some potatoes to damage its own image. I incorporate it into the agreement just to avoid others making irresponsible remarks.

I have finished all that I want to say. Now let’s sit down for a talk to make the agreement more complete and implemented as soon as possible. Let’s not prepare for wars any more, and just think how to make money. Just let the war-mongers fight themselves and keep a clear mind to do the things that can bring us more benefits.