66、Women Only Have Consciousness, No Thoughts

The Bible says, ‘The first woman was made by a man’s rib, so she is the man’s bone of bone, flesh of flesh.’

I’m not sure whether the story was true, but I do believe that men and women are different.

According to the theory of Yin and Yang, the male is Yang, the female is Yin, so women have to obey the men.

All classical theory in our world is the same, namely, women must obey men.

An astronomer once said you only need a whip to talk with a woman. To a certain extent, I think he’s right.

It occurs to me that neither a philosopher nor thinker was a woman in human history. No woman can become a philosopher or a thinker.


That’s because women have no thought; they don’t have the function. Just like men have no uterus.

Men can’t give birth to a child; woman can’t think. Women only have consciousness, no thoughts.

Consciousness is just a reaction and judgment towards the things around.

Being a philosopher and thinker is to judge, analyse, design, and guide human behaviour. It is a study of extremely abstract concept.

I knew a lot of women, certainly some of them are very smart and capable of making money. I always had the feeling that their mode of thinking is different from men’s, though it is hard to tell the difference. Maybe the aspects of psychoanalysis can find some answers.

I’ve pointed out that women’s and men’s subconscious is different.

Women’s function of design of genitals is different from men’s. Men are positive while women can only passively accept. Men can force women to do anything, women can’t.

So in terms of sexual satisfaction, only the men can make the first move. Women can only attract men, seduce men, recall the men’s sexual drive, but they can’t make men to have sex with them.

According to the subconscious theory of Freud, men and women have different starting points when it comes to thinking.

The subconscious of men is masculine, aggressive, compulsive, and progressive. Women’s subconscious is defensive, sustainable, receptive, and acceptable.

Philosophers, thinkers, and politicians are completely different concepts. The politicians are by balancing relation of various powers to achieve a political purpose. So in most cases, politicians need to consider most people’s idea and acceptance, from the political point of view, by weighing different benefits to determine what to say and what to do, rather than consider things from the perspective of objectivity and justice. So in many cases politicians are lying. They need lies to do big things, by catering to the public’s psychology to consolidate his status.

But philosophers and thinkers study nations, world, universal truth, and facts by studying the truth and facts to lead the human society to a new civilisation. They need to tell the truth to make people believe. Because the thought of philosophers and thinkers is always out of ordinary people’s reach, even contradict with the public’s existing ideology, they always find themselves in the position to fight against the whole society, against the entire mainstream society, which might lead to their tragic fate.

There was a joke, ‘if you want to be a philosopher, you need to marry a bitch first’.

But I think the sequence should be reversed, that is, ‘marrying a philosopher will make a good woman a bitch’.

Women have to give birth to children and take care of the next generation. That’s why they need a lot of material to guarantee family security and children’s needs of life. This is the starting point of how women deal with general issues. The first thing is conservation, assurance, and security.

Philosophers’ thinking is giving correct guidance to the social problems and studying the theory of truth. These are all vain and impractical things, which can’t bring with instant benefits. And investment is never ending. Sometimes they even have to directly fight against the government, the mainstream society or the mainstream thoughts. And they will make themselves in trouble, even got them killed, which is incompatible with women’s starting point of family security. Something men may take it as glory or with enthusiasm, women may see it as a scourge and avoid it like the plague. So women are subconsciously different from the philosophers. That’s why they can’t be philosophers or thinkers.

Therefore, women should obey the supervision of men, and men should take care of women.