65、Politicians Almost Tell Lies While Philosophers Must Tell the Truth

Often, politicians say what they should say and do what they should do, rather than consider objectively and impartially. It is the great difference between them.

Only when philosophers tell the truth can they be convinced.

However, the politicians tell lies almost to cater to the psychology of the public and consolidate their status.

Therefore, politicians are good at telling lies. If people who are not good at telling lies politicise, he will fail totally.

Politicians need to tell lies while theorists should tell the truth.

Lin Biao said, ‘You cannot succeed without telling lies.’

Hitler said, ‘Ten thousand of the same lies will be the truth.’

But I am not a politician, so I must reveal the truth no matter if you like it or not.

The truth is the truth, and the fact is the fact.

Politicians will maintain their status through neutralising and balancing the opinions of most people. Philosophers must tell the truth to win the trust of the public and bring humans to another direction, a real world.

This world should not be filled with lies and people should not live in lies.

I never tell lies and say the real fact and truth.

What I see is that the politicians in the world always tell lies about religion, especially the Islam. They know clearly that Islam is a heresy and the root of all evil, the source of devil, the axle of evil, and the nature of hooliganism. But they still advocate that Islam is a peaceful religion. This is because Islam is cruel and evil and commits all manners of crimes and they are frightened. The people believing in Islam are numerous and spread all over the world. They may be just passers-by. They are scared at revenge and are afraid of losing votes and job title and implicating families, so they say nonsense unconscionably, mislead the public and people, as well as harm themselves and others. So politicians like telling lies.