64、Scholars Should Defend Truth, Rather Than Blindly Protect Certain People’s Interests

Scholars have knowledge both from learning and thinking, which make them more visionary than ordinary people.

Because scholars are more literate than ordinary people, they are easier to earn certain people’s trust. But scholars are neither a beater nor an executioner.

Scholars should have independence, objectivity, and justice.

Because scholars are more informed than ordinary people, they are liable to let people learn the truth, rather than by fooling people to win the favour of somebody.

Scholars only discuss the good and evil, beauty and ugliness, right and wrong, advantages and disadvantages on the basis of truth.

Scholars’ another task is on the basis of facts to resolve disputes between common people, rather than by taking a more foolish method to defend the interest of certain people.

That’s what we called ‘Tao’.

Because there are weaknesses and shortcomings in human nature, humanity still has vortex and trap. Once people fell into a trap or involved in a whirlpool, they can’t help themselves.

Such as drugs, love, cults, and religious extremism, etc.

Sometimes they completely lost control of themselves, and they have no ability to tell right from wrong. They just blindly do some repeated and foolish things.

Sometimes they brought serious trouble to the government and the world, so they had to be defeated.

People once involved into a whirlpool, only when they use their will, refuse to blindly pursuit the truth, can they slowly break through the dilemma and return to reason. Otherwise they are just walking dead.

The biggest characteristic of these people is blindly, wildly, and irrationally worship someone or something.

Such as blindly worship for God, Allah, and Buddha.

Scholars should rationally analyse problems and scientifically research on knowledge, rather than blindly believe, obey, and worship.