62、It’s None of My Business

I’m not a troublemaker, and I don’t care about anything that has nothing to do with me. I never give money to those beggars on the street, not only because I have no money, but also it’s none of my business.

I’m only a person who is interested in exploring, and I always want to make clear those things in the world. I remembered that I have argued for physics problems with my physics teacher for two times. And both in the end, I achieved the academic success, and the whole grade correct the problem that I supposed. Those physics problems are simple but a little bit rare.

I will stick to things that are right in my mind, and I’ll prove it to the entire world.

With more and more things I studied, I think I was further and further away from this world. Increasing number of things has proved that only my opinion is right, and others are wrong. But in my mind, those things are simple and basic; they are basic requirements and basic knowledge to be a man. Why are people in this world so strange? Why are they so stubborn? And why are they even so evil?

One day I suddenly discovered that something would never be come up with or done if I don’t.

I really don’t know whether I should be pleased with my intelligence, or I should be afraid with the world’s evil, backward, and ignorance.

I don’t think I’m smart. It costs a long time to learn something, and I even cannot get it. I’m only a normal person. Others are just too smart or born evil.

I only want to go through my life happily and peacefully. But one day I suddenly discovered that those used to have no relationship with me are all my business. No one would make it done if I don’t. I’m a part of the earth, and I can’t be the witness of his decay without doing anything. But what I can do is just make some complaints and put forward with some suggestions. Other things are not my business.

I think I’m just the boy who reveals the emperor’s nakedness in ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’.

This world is too dirty, too ignorant, and too deceptive to see the true world clearly.

Everybody lives in a dream filled with dirt and hypocrisy. But I will say some true words to you.

It can be proved what I said are all truth whether you believe or not. But I gradually become embarrassed to say anything. I feel it funny. But it is the fact. It’s too cruel, and too funny.