61、I Do Not Think That I Am So Wise

Sometimes I think I’m smart. I want to know why I think something is simple, normal, and ordinary, but others don’t think so; however, the facts proved that I was always right.

I think my idea is that normal people should have, but I don’t have anything special. The reason why people look so stubborn and stupid is that there are a lot of problems they never think or never think in a right direction. And they never to think from the good intentions toward others, but busy at calculating gains and losses, the pros and cons, as well as fame and wealth, etc.

I don’t think I’m smart. To be honest, only with the college degree, I majored in science, but I have still not fully understood higher mathematics. The difference between me and others is that our ways of thinking are not the same. I think the world should be beautiful, but why is the world is so cruel, troubled, and unsatisfied? And the reason of this question is what I am interested in studying on. I dislike ugly, unkind, wrong, and vicious things, hoping to rectify them.

While as the average people, you are just considering temporary fame and wealth as well as some ordinary things, instead of caring about or pondering over those problems of human society, because you may think that it is none of your business, and it cannot help you to make money, even it may seriously affect you to earn money.

I write down these things, just in order to urge you to think about some problems and some simple questions in human society. The idea that I have raised is neither complicated nor abstract. I believe that everyone can understand it, as long as you don’t consider it as a joke.

Many of my ideas are published on the web, or on the website of the government, and sent to my friends in Taiwan through some other channels. In fact, they all seriously considered my suggestions and ideas; moreover, most of them adopted and listened to some of my suggestions.

Many ideas and practices have been put into trial use in China for more than ten years. Though there are a lot of restriction as well as twists and turns, I think that it was achieved successfully as a whole.

China’s model is not a patent in China, which is also suitable for other countries. It is suitable not only for the socialist countries, but also for the capitalist countries.

This book is for our ordinary people, and I hope that there exists a social system or social order that can really protect their interests. At the same time, the role of social elites in the country must be recognised and protected. In short, everyone’s rights should be respected and protected effectively.

To be honest, what is the human society doing in modern times and contemporary age? Don’t you think it is ridiculous and funny? Or shameless and lamentable? The war and political battles will result in too much death. Is this action what has been done by man, the wisest of all creatures? It is a garbage action, which is worse than the animals.

I don’t think I’m so clever. I just hope the human society can live a normal life. In my view, the life what I have described is the lifestyle, which is supposed to have by an average person, while all of you are living in an abnormal way of life at present.

I think that you are abnormal, instead of me. I am a common, as well as a sober person. Those who do not recognise my ideas or the book that I wrote are abnormal, and it is the ignorance and barbarism, and selfishness blinds your hearts and minds. Even the thought of normal people has gone.

But back to where we were, you cannot be blamed. It should be said that our human beings’ science and technology level has been developed too fast, or that the level of science and technology in China has been developed too fast. Chinese way of life and the level of consciousness have been changed a lot. Never been to abroad, I do not know whether the foreigners’ thought is as rapid as China’s. Maybe you develop slowly.

But in my own experience, when I am watching the old movies in China, especially in 1970s or 1980s, or the old movies when I was a child, I don’t think the people in the movies are normal. Because their way of thinking is too strange, too stupid, and too outdated.

I don’t know if you have such feeling. If not, you do not have the progress with the times, and you would be abnormal.