58、Communism Should Be Understood as a Common Capitalism

Communist ideology has been practiced for so many years in our country, but in fact, the core concept has been changed a lot.

The governing idea of high level has been transformed from the state-owned enterprise to the state-owned capital.

In today’s news economic reports, there are no state-owned enterprises, which has been replaced by the state-owned capital.

In fact, the word ‘communism’ should be abolished, and changing it to ‘common capitalism’ is the most appropriate.

What is communism? It literally means a doctrine of common labour and co-production.

What is common capitalism? It literally means a doctrine of jointly owning capital, commonly being the capitalist and sharing out bonus.

Whether it is the workers or the government, do you like to work? Or do you like to share out bonus and being the capitalist?

No one likes to work. From the government to the workers, everyone wants to share out bonus and be the capitalist.

Due to labour, there still exists a problem that production can be divided into valid labour and invalid labour.

Labour and production cannot represent the improvement of social wealth and personal income.

While as for the capital, it can use money to earn more money, which is an endless matter.

Temporarily controlling the property is not necessarily able to preserve or increase the value. However, when controlling the capital, if it can be rationally operated and managed by a suitable person, it can preserve or increase the value.

Previously, the reason why communism failed is that there is no common capital, they believed that the capital is the dirty thing without work, thus they made an utmost effort to reject and avoid it.

Or to say that communists were disgusted with being capitalists and operating capital.

However, after several years of the operation of common capitalism, they felt good. The country’s leaders were speaking more hard. Once with a hard spine, their tone would be hard; once they owned enough money, their spine would be hard.

Owning capital means owning money. And after owning the money, they would be unscrupulous.

I think it’s time for capitalism and communism to be reconciled. In fact, each of them belongs to capitalism.

And the only difference is that one is state capitalism; the other one is individual capitalism.

The sole distinction between State capitalism and individual capitalism is that the state-owned capital of state capitalism accounted for a little more, while that of individual capitalism accounted for a little less.

However, by the little bit of state-owned capital, state capitalism could play a more dominant role than individual capitalism.

The government of common capitalism is independent, and so do the regime, without any inference or restriction.

The government of individual capitalist country is puppet government, and they are the spokesperson as well as puppet of monopoly capitalist, whose every movement are totally restricted by others.

However, the government of common capitalism can administrate the country according to just, fair, rational, advanced, and independent principle, offering services and public products for the society.

As long as a little changes in the capitalist countries, adding a little bit of state-owned capital, they can reach the common capitalism. But the law of the jungle culture is the best folk culture that can match up with common capitalism.

Chinese Lao-Tzu’s moral culture is a deadly poison in a common capitalist country.